Cuánto dinero tiene Jake Paul

As an influencer he has reaped a millionaire fortune, that’s why we analyze how much money Jake Paul has as a boxer. He is a consolidated figure with a content creator, actor and also as a star in professional boxing.

He began his career in January 2020 and that same year he was positioned on the list of the highest paid. The difference is that the youtuber did not start from scratch, because thanks to his followers he can charge better.

Photo: Jake Paul (Instagram)

How much money does Jake Paul have as a boxer?

According to data revealed by Sportico, the youngest of the Paul Brothers has billed large amounts of money for his fights. For two bouts in 2020, Jake entered $ 20 million.

The earnings for that year were similar to those of Anthony Joshua, another sought-after boxer in his fights.

In 2021, the earnings of Jake paul as a boxer they have multiplied. Against Ben Askren boasted of having the record for most pay-per-view subscribers in the history of the discipline with 1.5 million people.

In that fight, he made a profit of $ 75 million. Jake himself explained that he broke the PPV record and gave the exact figure of his earnings.

For his fourth fight as a professional, Jake agreed to a deal with the platform. Showtime and resigned from Triller Fight Club. Despite his previous success, in the event against Tyron woodley he only got 5 million.

How much does Jake get paid per fight?

Total, Jake pauHe has generated close to $ 100 million since it debuted. The great ‘plus’ is the number of followers he has, the same ones who pay the PPV in each fight.

Per fight, the youngest of the brothers collects the purse, advertising agreements and 20% of the PPV subscriptions. Boasting one of the best deals in the pay-per-view industry, ShowTime knows its potential, and therefore signed it for many months and years.


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