“Le ha dado actividad increíble a la división”: Mauricio Sulaimán defiende título franquicia en los ligeros

Mauricio Sulaiman, president of the World Boxing Council, defended the existence of the franchise title, and assured that this title has given the lightweight division a lot of activity.

“The CMB introduced a new concept, “he explained Sulaiman in interview for Boxing Scene. “The problem is that people don’t try to analyze and understand something. The reality is that the franchise designation is giving the lightweight division incredible activity. Now it leads us to Kambosos-Haney, a great showdown. I am very proud of both ”.

The creation of this title has brought a lot of criticism since so many belts confuse both boxers, coaches, promoters, especially in locating the true world champions. Mauricio Sulaiman agrees that the franchise title creates confusion, but the result is good.

“It causes confusion,” he acknowledges Sulaiman. “Of course, it causes confusion because everyone is resistant to change. We had the fights Lomachenko-López. López-Kambosos. Haney(Yuriorkis) Gamboa. HaneyJorge Linares, (Ryan) GarciaLuke campbell. (Haney-Diaz) it was a tremendous fight. I will take that path. Great activity, we are seeing the best boxing division which is the lightweight division ”.

Asked about how the franchise champion designation has been misused, the leader did not want to enter into controversy.

“I am not going to accept that question,” he said. “I am very proud of Devin haney. I am very proud of Jojo. It was a very entertaining fight. The story is that they are great fighters, great champions. A fight between Kambosos Y Haney it would be tremendous. Ruining the story of a great fight in a great division with great activity with something that is hypothetical, I just don’t get it. “

Sulaimán says that franchise title is a privileged status

The top leader of the CMB, assured that with the creation of this status it gives the boxer a status of another level.

“The CMB He introduced the concept and the rule of the franchise boxer a couple of years ago. The franchise boxer is a special designation and privileged status that the CMB can award a current world champion of the CMB, who is also an elite boxer ”, he recalled. “As any rule of importance, the CMB he has modified his franchise boxer rule to reflect the ever-evolving realities of our sport. “