Keith Thurman es un mercenario: Timothy Bradley critica el estado actual de la carrera de Thurman

Ex boxer Timothy bradley He reacted after several media outlets questioned him about what Keith thurman will return to the ring to face Mario Barrios, after a hiatus in his career.

“That’s very funny. I mean, Keith Thurman, let man, Keith! ”, He ironized Bradley in interview for Fight Hype. “What are you doing Keith ?! Now he is a mercenary ”.

In the same way, he assured that Thurman he simply seeks to earn the highest number of dollars at all costs.

Keith (Thurman) is with one foot in and one foot out (from boxing), something similar to Mikey Garcia“, He said Bradley. “Same thing, he’s looking for the best fight, a fight that he knows he can possibly win or maybe win, and get the most money from. Then Neighborhoods it’s that guy. “

It should be remembered that Thurman, he has not fought since his loss to Manny pacquiao on July 20, 2019, who defeated him by split decision and took the welterweight belt.

Keith Thurman is despised by Gervonta Davis

Some days ago, Gervonta davis assured that he is not interested in a fight against Keith thurman, since his time as a good boxer is over.

“There is a new generation of boxers and I have to worry about the people who are emerging now. I think I have to put it on my list and I have to be careful. Nobody is worried about Keith Thurman. Come on brother. Your time has passed, ”he argued.

“When it comes to boxing, he’s getting old in boxing. Come on brother. You have to be active somewhere, and it’s not even worth mentioning more, ”he warned.

Similarly, Gervonta indicated that Thurman He has dedicated himself to talking a lot in the media and not specifying anything at all.

“Keith Thurman, we know who he is Keith thurman. He’s a guy who says a lot of things, but doesn’t do anything. It says all these things. When was the last time you fought? Do youManny pacquiao? When was that? Come on, brother ”, he sentenced.