NFL requires booster doses of COVID-19 vaccine to staff

The league asked teams to follow CDC recommendations, players are exempt from that request

The NFL will require coaches and other personnel to receive the booster dose of the vaccine against him COVID-19 before December 27.

In a memo sent to teams Monday, and obtained by The Associated Press, the league said: “Given the prevailing increase of the virus in communities, our experts recommend that we follow the recommendations of the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC for its acronym in English)”.

The requirements of the league extend to individuals of the first and second level and who had received the vaccine. Even though the players are in the first group, along with coaches and staff members, the mandate does not apply to them due to ongoing discussions with the NFL Players Association.

The CDC recommends that an individual who received a second dose of the vaccine against him COVID-19 developed by Pfizer or Moderna should receive a booster dose. A person who received the single dose of Johnson & Johnson more than two months ago should also receive a booster.

These are the exceptions to the mandate:

  • An individual who is not eligible for the booster dose according to the definition of the CDC.

  • An individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 and that it is within the following 90-day period in accordance with league protocols.

  • An individual who has received monoclonal antibodies within a period of 90 days.

  • An individual whose antibody levels or whose antibody test administered by the BioReference laboratory at the team’s facility is 2,500 or higher.

The league stated that anyone who is not eligible for the booster at this time will need to get it within 14 days after they are eligible.

The teams were asked to give the booster dose to all eligible staff as soon as possible, and that consider providing reinforcement to players’ families and staff.

On Monday, 33 players entered the roster of COVID-19, the most so far this season.

The head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll He referred to the possibility that the players have been entrusted with the virus.

“That’s it. That’s the problem all over the world,” he declared. Carroll. “People get exhausted. We can’t. We can’t let it happen. Even though they’re all human and you get tired of reminders it’s all about being careful. Diligence comes from constant reminders and the discipline that it takes to stay consistent.”

Last month, the NFL forced players and staff to wear face masks at the team facilities for a week regardless of their vaccination status and ordered them to undergo two screening tests COVID-19 after the celebrations for Thanksgiving Day.

They later updated the league’s protocols after the increase in cases of COVID-19 in the country.

The league has been running genetic sequence testing on positive cases to determine the exact variant of the virus. The medical director of the NFL Allen Sills indicated in November that these tests had shown that no cases were related in a team in which there were eight positive cases in two weeks.

“That means the protocols work and they do what they should do, which is to prevent the virus from spreading uncontrollably on computers,” Sills said.