The NFL playoff landscape, at the conclusion of Week 14

With all the games completed on matchday fourteen, we take a look at how the postseason would play out if the NFL regular season ended today.

What a day of NFL on the Week 14, completely shaking up the seed for teams en route to the postseason.

The biggest changes came after the electrifying duel of “Monday Night Football“between two divisional rivals of the NFC West.

To make matters worse, the list of teams officially eliminated from the competition has quadrupled after the most recent date.

We review how the panorama looks towards the playoffs, after all the matches of the day:

American Conference

Without playing, New england patriots retained the first site in the AFC East, the first site in the AFC, and remain as the team with the longest winning streak in the NFL. The wards of Bill belichick would have, if the season culminated today, the day of rest in the Wild Card Round.

Second place remains in the hands of Tennessee Titans, who shut out their divisional rivals Jacksonville Jaguars to tie the season mark of the Pats, and establish themselves as the best in the AFC South. We still do not have to rule out this cadre from among the candidates to lead the conference when it is all over in the regular season.

The third-place ticket changed hands. The Kansas city chiefs have now spun six consecutive victories, the second longest streak in the NFL, and have been separated from the rest in the AFC West, with the exception of Los Angeles Chargers, which take step to keep one of the Wildcard tickets.

The Baltimore Ravens were in third place last week, leading the AFC North, but after his disaster before the Cleveland browns, they descended a notch in planting, and their position in the division has been tightened.

Together to the Chargers, the Indianapolis Colts would now have one of the tickets Wildcard – one they didn’t have last week – and the Buffalo bills they would get the last passport to the postseason in the AFC, falling two steps compared to Week 13. The Cincinnati Bengals, for their part, they would have missed a passage that they held a date ago.

The clashes in the Wild Card Round they would see the Bills visiting the Titans, against those who already lost in the campaign, by 34-31. The Colts they would have to appear in Arrowhead to measure themselves against the Chiefs, unpublished game of the current regular season. Finally, the Ravens they would host the Chargers, who were beaten 34-6 in one of the worst outings of the Bolts in the year.

National Conference

The earthquake occurred in the NFC, in particular, in the desert. The Arizona cardinals fell into the “MNF” from ESPN against their divisional rivals Los Angeles Rams. With that, they lost the opportunity to sweep away the Sean McVay on the NFC West, but they also lost the first place in the seeding of the conference they held, sinking to third place, and temporarily staying without the day off for the conference. Wild Card Round.

The Green bay packers, who triumphed on Sunday night over the Chicago Bears, are temporarily the first in the seeding of the National, in addition to a fairly comfortable lead in the NFC North.

The Tampa bay buccaneers, who beat the Bills in overtime, they also jumped to Cards in the positioning of the conference, and as the Packers, keep a considerable distance over the rest of their opponents in the NFC South.

The Dallas cowboys, for their part, opened the gap in the NFC East about him Washington Football Team with Sunday’s victory, and they also look from afar, for now, at the rest of the sector. They are placed fourth in the planting of the NFC, below Arizona.

The first of the three Wildcard tickets remains in the hands of the Rams, who still have their sights on the division title West after beating the Cards.

Below are the San Francisco 49ers, on the sixth step, above Washington, who despite the defeat, would be among the seven qualified in the National if the campaign ended today.

In the matter of crosses, Washington would away to the reigning champions Bucs, a team that he already beat in the current season, 29-19, and which caused all kinds of problems in the last postseason, prior to the victory of Super Bowl LV from Tampa bay.

The Cards would receive the Niners, divisional rivals. It would be a third chance for San Francisco to impose on Arizona, against whom they already lost twice in the regular season.

Finally, the Rams would travel to Dallas to meet the Cowboys, game that was not scheduled for the current regular season.

The eliminated

We come to the saddest part of the note, at least for the fans of the teams involved.

After Week 13, only the Houston Texans they were mathematically eliminated from any hope of the playoffs.

After Week 14, there are three more teams that add their name to the list of those who have no chance to play postseason.

The New York Jets they were run over by New orleans saintsAnd they can stop thinking about miracles for 2021, to focus on the next draft.

The Jaguars couldn’t even score a point against the Titans, and the organization is involved in controversy due to leaks regarding the tension that exists in Jacksonville Come in Urban meyer and the rest of the organization.

In the NFC, the Detroit Lions stumbled before Denver Broncos and they reached the predictable end to a campaign to be forgotten.

The top four teams eliminated from contention this year play under rookie head coaches.