The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 14

We review what the hierarchical order of the league looks like after 14 days of activity in the regular season

After an atypical day – according to the standards of the current regular season – in which the vast majority of favorites prevailed in the week’s games, there were few movements in the top of the NFL Power Rankings… except for the fall of the one who appeared on the throne in the previous version.

In the depths, there was also little change in terms of names, but some modifications in terms of order.

Where there was great fluctuation was in the middle part of the list, where the teams that seriously aim for the wild card positions for the postseason are not yet fully defined, differentiating themselves from those that will stay on the shore watching the playoffs from the couch at home. .

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After 14 weeks of campaign action, this is what it looks like the pecking order of the 32 NFL teams, according to Power Rankings:

Note: The numbers in parentheses correspond to the position of each team in the previous week.

Aaron Rodgers continues to own the Bears, and the Packers now own the position of honor on our weekly roster. Unlike other years, however, the great combination that Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon have forged in the backfield can be very interesting if the NFC playoffs have to go through Lambeau Field. – RZ

The Patriots are still the rival to beat in the American Conference because at this point the playoffs must go through Foxborough, does this sound familiar? New England has established a solid defense and an offense that limits errors, a formula that in the past has resulted in titles for head coach Bill Belichick. – EC

Despite the win, Tampa Bay was far from its best version at home against the Bills – particularly in the second half – and a win that seemed in the bag was dramatically shaken. The good news for the Floridians is that now a relatively easy part of their schedule is coming to close and they have the table set to rest in the first week of the playoffs, which would ensure the entire postseason at Raymond James Stadium. – LMV

Sometimes we get hooked when a team doesn’t win the way we think it should win, and this may be the case with the Chiefs who, however, already boast the second-longest active winning streak in the league, with six wins a year. thread. – RZ

Despite multiple injury casualties to their roster, the Titans remain fairly competitive, haven’t lost a beat and continue to caress the AFC’s No. 1 seed. Tennessee still expects star running back Derrick Henry to return before the end of the regular season and that happens will be a huge boost heading into the playoffs. – EC

Los Angeles posted a confidence-boosting win and practically a postseason spot because of the difference they have to the rest of the Wild Card contenders. They also continue to dream of the division title – although it sounds difficult for their pending rivals – but for this they will need help before they think about unseating the Cardinals. – LMV

Kyler Murray made bad decisions in the game, but he wasn’t the only one. Kliff Kingsbury seriously lowered the odds of Arizona’s comeback by allowing him to escape for so long before attempting a field goal that saved more time to seek a final touchdown against the Rams. – RZ

The Cowboys are back on a winning streak and we will surely see them in the playoffs, but you really have to worry about how far they will go after Sunday’s terrible performance in Washington, when they nearly blew a 24-point lead at halftime. If Dallas does not achieve greater consistency and play a game for four quarters, his trip to the postseason will hardly be an anecdote. – EC

Baltimore had a catastrophic weekend. They fell in Cleveland, the North of the American was squeezed with that setback (they put candles on the 49ers for their game against the Bengals), Lamar Jackson was injured and although he can play, he will definitely do it in a limited way. This does not end there because next weekend they will host the Packers, one of the hottest teams in the NFL. – LMV

Line by line, you have to count the Chargers among the most talented teams in the NFL, and when they achieve the consistency of other clubs, then you will have to be very careful with them as rivals there. – RZ

Generally, the bye week after a victory never goes down well because it can cut off the momentum you’re taking, but for the Colts it wasn’t because these days were a great gift to the legs of running back Jonathan Taylor, who carries the hopes of this team. – EC

Buffalo already has three losses in their last four games and they still have one visit to New England. From what has been seen, and the rivals on the horizon, point to a 3-1 balance in those commitments, which will surely place them in the postseason, but it is difficult to be delusional with such a deplorable running attack and questionable decisions to the time to choose the offensive plays. – LMV

If San Francisco can raise the bar on its secondary defense, it will have the potential to return to the conversation among the National Conference candidates, once they appear to have regained their offensive rhythm from George Kittle. – RZ

The Browns scored a great victory over the Ravens that puts them squarely in the fight for the top of the competitive AFC North, but let’s not throw the bells so fast. Cleveland had multiple opportunities to sentence the game against a team that much of the time did not have the star Lamar Jackson, but did not take advantage and had to suffer until the last minutes to ensure victory. With a calendar close that pits them against the Packers, Steelers and Bengals in consecutive weeks, I’m not so sure the Browns have shown the spirit necessary to be considered legitimate playoff contenders, even if their record says otherwise. – EC

What a close to the season that Cincinnati will have and also what an opportunity they missed to take, even momentarily, the leadership of the North of the AL. After next weekend’s game in Denver, there are three unmissable games against the Ravens and Chiefs at home, in addition to their visit to Cleveland to close the 2021 campaign. Does anyone dare to make bets to see if he will reach them for the playoffs? – LMV

I don’t have much faith in Vic Fangio as the ship’s pilot in Denver going forward, but I think whoever succeeds him, whether it’s 2022 or beyond, will have some really interesting pieces to work with in the defensive and offensive backfield. – RZ

The playoff dream lives on for the Dolphins with games before the Jets and Saints to follow to extend their consecutive win streak, the problem comes when we see that the Titans and Patriots are on the horizon for the season finale. The margin of error is minimal, but Miami has shown in recent weeks that it has what it takes to compete against any team. – EC

Minnesota, with its victory, avoided going from the sublime to the ridiculous. Within that show on Thursday night, there were themes to rescue, such as the dominance of his running attack that was commanded by Dalvin Cook with 205 yards, and I hope they were that consistent at the end of the season to continue clinging to the illusion of the playoffs. – LMV

As in boxing, when a fighter no longer shows signs of being able to defend himself, it is time to throw in the towel with Ben Roethlisberger, who can be seriously injured if the Steelers continue to subject him to so much punishment every week. – RZ

Philadelphia has been far from a regular team, but at the moment there is still a small window to sneak into the NFC playoffs with five 6-7 teams battling for a wild-card berth, including the Eagles, who have a closeout. on a favorable schedule facing Washington (twice), Giants and Cowboys, so it’s fair to say they have fate in their hands. – EC

Despite a valiant effort, his streak of four consecutive wins came to an end and now it is only a mere formality for the Cowboys to be crowned in the East of the NL. On top of this, casualties keep piling up for another key engagement when they visit Philadelphia. In those two games in three weeks against the Eagles they play their last card. – LMV

If I were the general manager of the NFL, I would target Atlanta’s Grady Jarrett as a potential trade piece next offseason, projecting him as a piece on which to build a dominant defensive line. – RZ

The Saints ended the worst losing streak in the franchise (five in a row) since Sean Payton is head coach, it is true that it was against the Jets, but the way they did it was important, with a defense that conceded. very little and an attack that begins to see the best of Taysom Hill making plays with his legs. I still believe he won’t make it to the playoffs, but it will be fun to watch New Orleans the rest of the way. – EC

The rest of the league will be very upset with the Las Vegas team because, again, they launched a dangerous invitation for the Chiefs offense to gain confidence and rhythm for the most important part of the season. Their appearances this year against Kansas City were the worst in recent memory as they were outscored by a combined 89-23 score. – LMV

For the Seahawks, it seems late thinking about the next playoffs, but players like Robert Nkemdiche, LJ Collier and Rashaad Penny need to seize the opportunities they get between here and the end of the season if they want to be part of the future in Seattle. – RZ

The Bears were more than competitive for one half against the Packers, sadly they couldn’t close the game, something that has happened to them multiple times this season. Justin Fields showed that not only is he dangerous running, but he can also cause damage with his arm, so that is a good sign for the future of Chicago. – EC

Remember that team that started with three wins? Well, now he is heading to close the campaign with seven losses in a row and with many things to solve for the 2022 season because neither Sam Darnold, nor Cam Newton nor PJ Walker are the answer in the short, medium or long term. – LMV

Everything indicates that in the Giants organization, they will first thank quarterback Daniel Jones than head coach Joe Judge. – RZ

The Jets had their most disastrous performance on offense since they were shut out by the Broncos in Week 3. Zach Wilson was unable to lead a touchdown series and the defense also did not find the antidote to stop Taysom Hill even though it was evident that the Saints would send him running all the time. The best thing for New York is that there are only four more games left until the end of its season. – EC

Houston has found a reason to smile. Next week, oddly enough, they aspire to add their third victory of the season when they visit the Jaguars in what will define, once and for all, which team will occupy the bottom of our hierarchical list, but not the first. global selection because that “honor” already seems to have an owner: the Lions. – LMV

Detroit’s utter inability to channel all the positive emotion after its first and only win of the season at the moment speaks highly of head coach Dan Campbell and his assistants. – RZ

They don’t have the worst record in the NFL, but the Jaguars are the most disastrous team in the league. Reports are piling up that head coach Urban Meyer has lost not only the locker room, but control over his assistants. The tension is such that even owner Shad Khan has publicly noted that he will not make hasty decisions with his first-year head coach. That is a very bad sign for the coach. – EC

They participate in the elaboration of the NFL Power Rankings for ESPN: Erick Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafa Zamorano (RZ)