El homenaje que el Zurdo Ramírez hará a Vicente Fernández en su pelea del sábado

Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramírez will pay tribute to the deceased Vicente Fernandez in his next fight against Yunieski González on December 19 in Texas, as he will come out with custom boots with the singer’s image.

“We are going to pay tribute to Chente in this palea, since we suffer his loss “, said the Lefty Ramirez on their social networks. “My friend Alex he had time to paint it ”.

Lefty Ramirez He will come out with tricolor boots, the one on the left side will have the boxer’s logo while on the right will be the image of Vicente Fernandez singing.

Zurdo Ramírez goes for Bivol

The boxer Gilberto Ramirez assured that to beat Gonzalez, Bivol They will no longer have an escape and they will have to face each other.

“I am excited to end the year with this knockout fight,” he said. “With this fight (against Gonzalez) in place, Bivol He has nowhere to run and will eventually have to face me, ”he argued.

And remembered that Bivol He has been fleeing him for a long time, so he hopes that in 2022 that fight will finally be agreed.

“I was surprised when Bivol He turned down the fight we offered because it was something I thought he wanted. I know he is a tough warrior and aspires to be the best, which is why he surprised me. He called me publicly and said he was “ready.” But, unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case on your part. Again, in boxing, this seems to be a common scenario where a fighter barks and barks, but cannot back it up when it comes time to fight, “he said.