Las altas y bajas de Julio César Chávez Jr

Julio César Chávez Jr He will make his 11th fight in the past eight years this Saturday. Forced to triumph to convince the fans that he still has something to offer, and also to put the balance in a positive balance in this period, in which he has lost five battles and won the same number.

Chavez Jr, 35 years old and still with the illusion of being world champion again, will reappear six months after his last fight when he faces the Peruvian David zegarra in the Palenque of the Livestock Fair of Culiacán, Sinaloa.

The last fight that Chavez Jr performed in elite boxing dating back to 2012. On September 15, July faced Sergio “Wonder” Martinez in a highly anticipated fight. July was defending the WBC world middleweight championship, a title taken from the table by Martinez.

Contrary to the aggressiveness that Chavez Jr had shown in his previous fights, before Martinez something disconnected. He stopped throwing punches for most of the fight, and it wasn’t until the championship rounds that he woke up. Managed to cut to Martinez, and then dramatically knock him down in the last round. Memories of her father knocking out Meldrick taylor in the last round they peeked through the sand, while the Argentine tried to survive the fight. But nevertheless, Chavez Jr could not emulate his father, failed to knock out Martinez, and the victory went by way of the unanimous decision.

After that, nothing would ever be the same for Julio César Chávez Jr.

The ups and downs of Julio César Chávez Jr

This period of ups and downs began on September 28, 2013, with two controversial fights against Brian Vera to prevail by unanimous decision and win the WBC super middleweight Continental of the Americas title, in his only fight that year.

He was then defeated by Andrzej Fonfara more than a year later, in the fight for the WBC International Light Heavyweight title that the Pole won on April 18, 2015 in nine rounds.

Chavez Jr returned three months later to measure himself at Marco Antonio Reyes and overcome it by unanimous decision. He was absent from the ring again for a long period of almost 18 months, as he returned in December 2016 to prevail over Dominik Britsch by the same route after ten rounds.

In that eight-year span, those two victories were the only ones he achieved consecutively. That shows how irregular his walk has been in this period.

His next lawsuit was on May 6, 2017 before Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, who taught the legend’s son a 12-round lesson to win by a clear unanimous decision of 120-108 on the three judges’ scorecards.

More than 27 months it took Chavez Jr wrap. And he did it with a quiet fight, before Evert Bravo on August 10, 2019, which he knocked out in a round, so that same year he returned to action in December against a dangerous rival like Daniel jacobs, before which he retired after five rounds due to a broken nose.

A new setback came before Mario Cazares, who won by TKO in six rounds in September 2020. This, after an accidental cut to the left eyelid of the Jr, who could not continue and had to go to the cards, where his rival consumed the surprise.

Two months later he fought again, now before Jeyson minda, whom he defeated by technical knockout in four turns, but returned to his old ways with the backhand against Anderson Silva, a mixed martial arts fighter who won by split decision last June.

Thus, with five wins and five losses in his last ten fights, Chavez Jr come back this weekend when i face Zegarra in the Palenque of the Culiacán Livestock Fair, forced to victory.

In addition, a forceful performance is a must for the Junior. He made it clear that a new stage in his career will come, ready to do his best to aspire to a world title fight and, why not, to a very distant rematch with him. Canelo.