Tyson fury explained that it is what made boxing of Mike tyson was so special and iconic to his followers, fans and colleagues.

With your respectable analysis, Fury was in charge of making the public understand Ring Magazine which magnified the figure of Tyson.

“Many people underestimate the speed of Mike tyson“, Said the Gypsy king. “It was the speed that was coming. And it wasn’t a single punch. He was fast, coming from left, right, up, down, side to side, from every possible angle. He was very fierce, very fast, he could knock you out with any hand ”.

Tyson fury also highlights the bullying that Mike he exercised on his rivals.

“The fear factor was also important,” said the Briton. “Many entered the ring, already knowing that they were going to be cruelly defeated by Mike tyson“.

Fury referred to a potential duel with Mike Tyson

During an interview he gave in September to iFL TV, Tyson fury be sincere. He expressed that he would not flee to a virtual contest with Mike tyson.

“I love to see fight Mike. His comeback was amazing, and I would love to fight him in an exhibition. If I don’t fight with Whyte, I would like to face it, “he warned Fury. “Really, I would like it very much. Tyson vs. Tyson, past vs. Present. There would be a lot of fun at stake. “