La Barby Juárez explica por qué quiere una revancha con Jackie Nava

Mariana “Barby” Juárez insists on a rematch with Jackie Nava and, despite acknowledging the triumph of his rival, he considered that the Aztec Princess came out more hit and that the fracture of the nose of the Barby It was because of the head butts of his rival.

“I just came out with a broken nose from his head butting,” said the Barby in interview with LEFT PUNCH. “Because it wasn’t even blows and she was hit with what little I could connect her.”

He reiterated that the triumph of Jackie Nava last October 30 at the Tijuana Municipal Auditorium it was fair. However, the Barby He added that he did not arrive in the best conditions, without his usual speed and without rhythm.

“Even I recognize him, he beat me well,” he considered Mariana juarez. “I felt very clumsy, I was not in my rhythm, but that’s boxing.”

Jackie Nava He said a few weeks ago that after the demonstration and the triumph achieved in said lawsuit, the fans might not be interested in the rematch. Juarez she thinks it would be very easy for the Tijuana woman to back down and avoid her.

Jackie She knows that I did not go up with my speed, for her it is much better to go back and say ‘I already won that fight and that’s it,’ “she commented. “I didn’t feel in rhythm, I kind of felt very heavy, very clumsy.”

The Barby think that before Jackie Nava weight gain could affect you

He said it could have been an influence that he moved up from bantamweight to super bantamweight for that fight. That’s something he lived through a few years ago, when he went from super fly to rooster.

“I feel that having changed my weight felt very slow,” he commented. Mariana. “It had already happened to me when I went from super fly to rooster. And I think it’s part of getting into the rhythm at that weight. We are going to continue working, it is not the first time, I have done it other times ”.

Finally, the Barby juarez made it clear that she is interested in a rematch with Jackie Nava. And that the promoters Oswaldo Küchle Y Fernando Beltran they are already in negotiations.

“I want a rematch with Jackie”, He concluded. “They are interested in revenge, there are already negotiations and we will wait. Things have to happen, they are going to happen and the same people are going to win again ”.