Diagonals Guru: It's time for the Raiders to start a new era in Las Vegas

MIAMI – The worst sin in the NFL is living in mediocrity, that is, always flirting with the Postseason, only to fall short, not having real title aspirations and, at the same time, never doing a reconstruction that allows you to dream.

Stuck in that quicksand are the Las Vegas Raiders, who have qualified for the postseason once in the past 19 years.

That Playoff appearance was in 2016, when they were eliminated in the Wild Card Round by the Houston Texans. Brock Osweiler was the quarterback for Houston and Connor Cook was behind center for the Raiders and became the first quarterback in history to have his first postseason start; Derek Carr suffered a broken leg two weeks earlier, after having a season in which he was on the short list of MVP candidates.

Just before the following season, the Raiders gave Carr a five-year, $ 125 million extension.

Carr is a good quarterback, but is he enough to guide these Raiders to big things?

In my eyes, the answer is no and the Raiders should start a rebuild, but since they just moved to Las Vegas and want to give their “new hobby” a product that will make them fall in love with the team, I think they will stretch their mediocrity.

I want to clarify that Carr is one of the least guilty of the negative moment of the Raiders, but it is not the solution either.

The only winning season of the Raiders since Carr is the quarterback was precisely the year in which they qualified for the Playoffs and precisely in that campaign, Khalil Mack was named Defensive Player of the Year, only to be later traded in one of the many questionable decisions who has taken the franchise.

The Raiders had their chance in the draft and blew it. In the past five years, they had eight first-round picks, including six in the last three draws, and the players chosen were Alex Leatherwood, Henry Ruggs III, Damon Arnette, Clelin Ferrell, Josh Jacobs, Johnathan Abram, Kolton Miller and Gareon Conley. .

As you will see, few hits and many risks that have not paid dividends.

In other words, General Manager Mike Mayock’s days are numbered.

The Raiders are, right now, a dysfunctional franchise. Jon Gruden’s firing was fraught with drama and the plight of Henry Ruggs, who will not play in the NFL again, is as sad as it is disappointing.

Las Vegas was at the top of the division with a 5-2 record, but just like last year, they fall apart at the end of the season.

Carr has been pretty consistent in his career; he completes 65 percent of his passes and throws 2.3 touchdowns for each interception. In addition, he has proven to grow late in games and has guided the Raiders to 27 winning series, including eight in the past two seasons.

At the same time, he has been selected to the Pro Bowl three times, but there are quarterbacks who accumulate numbers and other quarterbacks who are winners.

I draw a parallel between Carr and Ryan Tannehill. Obviously, the two quarterbacks have differences when it comes to playing style, but they also have several similarities. Both have suffered with some bad offensive lines in their careers, both should be more vertical than they are, they both led their teams to the Playoffs, but got injured and couldn’t play in the Postseason and both are so talented, they pitch. some countries that make you believe that they can be the long-term solution.

To that list of similarities could also be added the fact that both will have been traded if the Raiders finally decide to turn the page with their quarterback.

Carr has one year left on his $ 19.9 million contract, which, for a starting quarterback, is a low price. Obviously, the quarterback wants a contract extension, but Las Vegas will have a new general manager, a new coach and it remains to be seen if Carr is in the new foreman’s plans.

Like Tannehill, perhaps an area code change is also in Carr’s best interest, who could shine in the right system.

Both Tannehill and Carr are quarterbacks you can win with if they are in good company, but they are not elite and cannot disguise the deficiencies of their franchise with their arm. In Tennessee, Tannehill is well sheltered and with the right weapons around him, I envision a successful Carr on another team.

I understand that there are potentially heavyweight quarterbacks that will be in the showcase this offseason, but I have no doubt that more than one franchise would have an interest in Carr and would be willing to pay a good price for him.

Regardless of whether or not he’s business-savvy in the short term, Mark Davis must look in the mirror and understand that this Raiders team cannot be a ready-made contender right now.

The management made too many mistakes, they had more drama than joys, and Carr’s cycle has probably come to an end. Unless you want to live in mediocrity, which is the worst enemy in the NFL.

The Raiders face one of the most important off-seasons in their history, as long as they are honest with themselves and understand that they need a rebuild with different people in charge and that they deserve to have their process to prove that they can be successful with the running of the years and above all things, with the marshal that they consider is the one to direct this ship, which has been sinking for a long time.

They may use this video as a showcase, but I’ll leave you with THE 10 BEST PLAYS OF DEREK CARR’S RACE.

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