Kun Agüero's letter: "I choose to stay with the wonderful 18 years that I could play"

Sergio Agüero announced his retirement from football at a press conference at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona and a few hours later he published a letter on his official Instagram account.

Kun, who had to leave the professional practice due to a cardiac arrhythmia suffered on October 30, wrote a heartfelt letter to his followers, with words of optimism and gratitude.

“I always knew that I would give everything to try to play again but after the last tests the doctors advised me to stop practicing professional football. Their words were enough to make the decision. Retiring in those circumstances is difficult but life always comes first and That was clear to me from the beginning, “he began by explaining.

And continued: “One of the many things soccer taught me is that you can transform a defeat into a victory. This time it will be no different. It is painful, yes. It’s a drama? No. Drama would have been something else. So I’m not focusing on how long I would have been left to play but on the wonderful 18 years that I could do it. “

“I am left with the incredible career I had and, above all, with the passion and commitment with which I performed during all these years. And with the treatment and affection that I received in each of the teams in which I played since little one and later in Independiente, Atlético de Madrid, Manchester City, Barcelona and in my beloved Argentina National Team. To the fans, all my appreciation for so much support, through thick and thin, which always made me stronger “, he valued the Kun.

“I want to thank all my trainers, colleagues, colleagues, technicians, doctors and leaders for having allowed me to develop my career in the best conditions. Especially my family and friends who were always by my side. And my agents, the same ones who I have since I was 14 years old, who accompanied me with great professionalism and honesty, “said the now ex-forward of the Argentine National Team.

“Beyond the titles I have won, which I value very much, my greatest victory is having earned the respect of my colleagues and the love of the world of football. That is something that will not change, that I will always carry in my heart and that gives me a lot strength for things to come “, Agüero stressed, with gratitude.

“Life goes on and there is much ahead. It will be a new stage, different yes, but I will go through as I have done up to now: always positive, with enthusiasm and joy. I love you”, Hill.