Julio César Chávez es mi ídolo; tenia sus peleas en VHS, recuerda Manny Pacquiao

Manny pacquiao ensures that of his idol Julio Cesar Chavez He learned to be a fighter who generated emotions and wars on the ring. He learned not only to knock out his rivals, but he also has to take risks of getting hit in order to captivate boxing fans.

“I remember watching VHS of my favorite fighter all the time: Julio Cesar Chavez“, writes Manny pacquiao in his autobiographical book Pacman: My Story of Hope, Resilience and Never-Say-Never Determination. “He was exciting, he was a sport unto himself. So I studied it, like I did all the fighters. But with Julio Cesar Chavez study more than his technique and his fights. I studied the level of emotion that he generated. So when I started boxing, I aspired to thrill my fans by throwing the hardest blow the world could see. “

But the Filipino also understood Julio Cesar Chavez that not only hitting hard is important, but you also have to resist blows in order to create emotions.

“Later I learned that hard blows are not enough,” he explains. Pacquiao. “I realized that not only do I need to knock out my rivals, but I also need to be beaten, even if I don’t like that. The reason? I need to create a war inside the ring. A war is much more exciting than a one-sided fight. He wanted to intrigue the audience and captivate them, give them something that would keep them on the edge of their seats. This is emotion. This is suspense. This is how I became someone people talk about. “

Pacquiao He assures that he does not like to be beaten, but that it is something that he had to learn and assimilate.

“I want people to know something about me something that many people do not know: I do not like to be hit,” he adds. Pacquiao. “I have gotten used to that over time. And it is a product of the emotion that I have wanted to generate, but I really do not like to be hit. Let me explain. When I was a child in Kibawe, Philippines, I learned that everyone has the ability to create their own opportunities. Whether through good fortune or hard work. But, in addition to those things, I realized that if you are in the sales business, and you are the business, there are two more important things you need. You need to be able to attract people’s attention and you need to be unique. “

That is why de Julio Cesar Chavez, Manny pacquiao learned it had to be exciting.

“So when the opportunity came for me to fight for money, I knew I had to be more than just a good fighter to win fights,” he explains. Pacquiao. “It had to be exciting, it had to create excitement. I had to become the topic of conversation for the whole town, the whole country and the whole world ”.

Pacquiao sees Julio César Chávez as an idol

On various occasions, Manny pacquiao has mentioned that Chavez he is an idol for him, and every time he sees him, he greets him and embraces him with joy. In a 2012 interview, Pacquiao endorsed his idolatry by Chavez.

“This man (Julio Cesar Chavez) is my idol of the boxing, my favorite of all ”, commented Pacquiao beside Chavez in an interview with Aztec TV prior to his rematch with Timothy bradley. “When I started boxing in 1992, I had a lot of VHS fights from him.”