Sergio "El Kun" Agüero confirmed his retirement from professional football

Sergio Agüero announced his retirement from professional football at the press conference he called at the Barcelona stadium.

She took a deep breath, tried to speak, but no words came out. He received some encouraging applause, announced that he was going to breathe a little more, and took off. “This conference is to inform you that I have decided to stop playing professional football and it is a very hard time, but I am very happy for the decision I made. First is my health. I made this decision because of the problem I had more than a month ago, “said Agüero.

He added: “I was in the hands of the doctors and they told me that it was best to stop playing. I did my best to see if there was any hope, but there hasn’t been much.”

“I am very proud and happy for my career. I always dreamed of being a footballer. My dream was to play in the First Division and I had never thought of reaching Europe.”

After the cardiac arrhythmia suffered on October 30 in a League match against Alaves, Kun did not play again.

“I don’t know what will await me in the next life, but I have many people who love me and wish me the best,” Agüero said through tears.