Caleb Plant quiere pelear a Jermall Charlo

Caleb Plant confessed that he wishes to return to the ring and have a fight against Jermall charlo in 2022.

“I would love the fight with Charlo, I really don’t care if it’s pay-per-view or not,” he said. Plant in interview with FightHype. “I hope to do it later. Whenever and wherever ”.

Although Plant confessed that he did not see Charlo in his last exhibition before Juan Macías Montiel, He acknowledged that in the summary he saw him suffering in various parts of the fight with the Mexican’s power blows.

At the end, Charlo finished with his hand up by a loose unanimous decision 119-109, 118-109 and 120-108, but Plant He doesn’t think it would complicate it in a fight.

“I saw a summary against Montiel, both received many blows of power, “said the former monarch of the FIB. “But I have no doubt that I would end up with my hand up. Wherever and whenever. I want to do it ”.

Another fighter who lunged at Plant after combat with Canelo it was Anthony Direll, who even said that he deserved the fight against the Mexican and not Caleb. Given this, the former champion of the FIB texted him.

“I feel like he doesn’t like me, but I don’t care a little bit,” he said. “He felt he deserved the fight of CaneloBut in his last two fights, he did them against middleweight, so it doesn’t make sense. Everybody knows that I did very well with Canelo. If you think he deserved the fight, he should at least beat me. I know that I did very well and what I want is to get to work as soon as possible to return ”.

Caleb Plant’s life after the fight with Canelo Álvarez

Caleb Plant received a guaranteed purse of about $ 10 million, possibly expanded to $ 12 or $ 13 for his fight against Saul.

With your earnings, Caleb He said he invested a large part of it in housing and advised young fighters to be smart with their money.

“On the money, we are investing it appropriately, in some multifamily, in residences and others,” he said. “It’s what I advise young fighters to be smart with their money. It’s good to have fun and travel, but you have to be very smart with what you do ”.

Plant he is not satisfied with what he got before Saul and said he wants to get back to training as soon as possible to conquer new horizons in boxing.

“Life after the fight has been good,” he mentioned. “I have been very calm, I want to return to work soon and not spend a lot of time resting. I still have a lot to accomplish. I have done a lot already and won a world title, but I am very hungry to continue conquering more things ”.