Chávez Jr tuvo cualidades, pero todo lo echa a perder el vicio, asegura Nacho Beristáin

Julio César Chávez Jr He always had qualities to stand out in the world of boxing, but he himself spoiled his career and will not be able to recover it, the coach considered Ignacio Beristáin.

“Qualities always had, always,” said Don Nacho Beristain in interview with LEFT PUNCH. “It is very strong, but everything spoils the damn vice.”

After recognizing that the best moment in the career of the Junior It was between 2011 and 2012, when he was average champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC), of which he made three defenses, said that the addictions came to end the career of the Sinaloan.

“That was his best moment, exactly,” he said. Beristain. “When he started on the vice slide was when he already danced, but he danced forever.”

Beristain was coach of Julio César Chávez Jr for your fight against Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez in May 2017. Junior lost by unanimous decision.

Beristáin does not believe that Chávez Jr’s career will recover

Despite the attempts made by the son of the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez To rebuild the road, the famous coach considered that it will not be possible for him to recover in boxing.

“I think it is useless that I am insisting so much,” he said. Beristain. “He is not going to recover.”

If there is someone guilty of the situation that he lived or lives Chavez Jr he is himself, added the coach. It was he who took it upon himself to spoil his career.

“He has problems with himself,” he commented. “He has no problems with people, or with his father, or with his wife, he is the one who has spoiled his life.”

Before his fight on Saturday with the Peruvian David zegarra, Chavez Jr He stated that he would seek a winning streak that would allow him to once again opt for a world title or fights with name rivals. However, that opportunity will no longer come, says Don Nacho.

“Personally, I think it is not possible,” said the gym coach. Romance, who said that you can not speak of a new opportunity in the career of the Junior. “They have given him a shitload, not one or two.”

Finally, of the fight you will have Chavez Jr this Saturday at the Palenque of the Culiacán Livestock Fair before Zegarra, does not know the rival and asked Junior to be more responsible.

“I don’t know the quality of the Peruvian fighter that they are going to put on him,” he concluded. Beristain. “But July It should be a little more responsible, because those kinds of fights leave you a lot to think about ”.