Chávez Jr advierte que para su pelea con David Zegarra llega mejor que en peleas anteriores

Facing an opponent 10 centimeters shorter will be the main obstacle to Julio César Chávez Jr, who assured that he will have to take care of the Peruvian’s overflowing David zegarra.

“It looks compact, downturn,” he said. Chavez Jr to the media when he spoke about the Zegarra Panther. “It’s difficult, he throws a lot of flips. You have to work the jab a lot, try not to catch me with the frills ”.

Chavez Jr measures 1.83 meters, while Zegarra 1.73. Thats why he Junior He stressed that he will have to work on his technique and seek to punish him, waiting to finish it before the limit.

“I think that with experience I am learning more and I have better technique,” he commented. “We are going to work well with the technique and hit him so that he falls, I don’t know if it can be fast or too late, but we are going to try to put up a good fight.”

Against Zegarra, Chávez Jr claims to arrive in better condition than in previous fights

July will return to activity this Saturday at the Palenque of the Culiacán Livestock Fair, when he faces in the light heavyweight division Zegarra, aware that it arrives in better condition than other times and that this will make a difference.

“I have been more cautious when it comes to taking care of myself,” he said. Chavez Jr. “It’s very hot, you get dehydrated, you get decompensated, there are days when I forget to eat from the same fatigue, drink water, but there are people around me who help me to be well, I have been eating well, I have not been doing exaggerated diets and that. it will make a difference ”.

Almost ready on the weight issue for Friday’s ceremony, he said he was unhappy with his performance in the fight against Anderson SilvaHalf a year ago, and without making a pretext for a bronchitis he had, he assured that he is ready to give a good exhibition on Saturday.

“I fought very badly, I was sick in that fight,” he concluded. “There are no excuses, they do not work in my career or in my person, I fought with bronchitis, I could not breathe, I lost, I could not do anything, I was left with the bad taste in my mouth, I did not like how I fought and now we are ready for the Fight”.

After that defeat with Anderson Silva, the son of the legendary Julius Caesar He will return to activity in front of his people, forced to give a good performance and go out with his arm raised.

The objective of Chavez Jr is fighting in 2022 for a world title and even hitting a winning streak, which, he said, could lead to a rematch with Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.