COCh chose Pereira as the best Chilean athlete of the year: "It is a tremendous award"

Guillermo “Mito” Pereira had a great 2021, year that closed it in great shape, after the golfer was recognized as the best Chilean athlete of the year this Thursday at the Olympic gala held by the Chilean Olympic Committee (COCh).

The Creole had outstanding performances on his entry to the PGA Tour and a fourth place at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where he brushed the bronze medal and ended up receiving an Olympic diploma.

After receiving recognition as the best athlete of the year, “Myth” expressed: “I did not expect it one hundred percent. There were many athletes this year who competed very well. This is a tremendous award. In golf, we are always rewarded differently and this time being in front of all athletes is Something incredible”.

“The goal is to be at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and to be able to represent Chile again as well as possible. Obviously a gold medal would be incredible, but being able to represent the country and do it well helps all athletes a lot,” he added .