Jake Paul asegura que puede convertirse en el próximo Muhammad Ali

The youtuber Jake paul He assured that at the rate he goes in boxing and with his youth he could become the next Muhammad Ali.

“I’m 24 years old. I can conquer the world and become the next Muhammad Ali at the rate I go, “he said in an interview for DAZN. “What does he have (Tyron woodley)? It has nothing. I have a much bigger story here. A much larger presence. I am doing something that no one has done before. For him to win, it doesn’t help the sport. It does not help the world, and nobody will care.

In the same way, he made it clear that he will defeat Tyron woodley in the rematch fight that will take place this December 18 in Florida.

“I feel 110 percent confident (by stopping Woodley)” He said Paul. “I think it will happen within the first five rounds. In the last fight, it was easy to hit him first. But for whatever reason, I stopped hitting after my combinations. This time you’ll see me keep hitting. That will get him out of there. “

Jake Paul won’t leave decision to judges in fight against Tyron Woodley

Jake paul branded a loser Woodley and he assured that next weekend he will maintain that bad streak.

“Because he already lost,” he added. “When you start to do something, it becomes a habit. When you are a loser, it becomes a habit. That has been the case with Tyron up to now. What do you have here? What career does he have ahead of him? ”, He pointed out.

He also made it clear that he will not let the pela go to the decision of the judges.

“I am not going to leave it up to the judges. The last time, the last judge, the one who scored it for Woodley, who knows what fight he was watching. You need to see an eye doctor. This time I do not leave it in the hands of the judges ”, he sentenced.