Manchester United-Brighton is suspended this Saturday due to covid

ANDhe match between Manchester United and Brighton & Hove Albion this Saturday, corresponding to the eighteenth day of the English Premier League football, was suspended due to the high number of infected in the first.

This is the fifth game postponed this season, all in the last week. Brighton-Tottenham, Brentford-Manchester United, Burnley-Watford, Leicester City-Tottenham and United-Brighton have all been suspended due to the covid outbreaks that have affected several of these matches.

“The health of the players and our employees is our priority. Given the number of infected and isolated players and workers, the club has no other option than to have asked for the game to be postponed. The Premier League has given light green by following medical advice, “United said in a statement.

United also confirmed that they will suspend training in their sports city of Carrington to minimize the risks of contagion.