Tyson Fury invitó a Deontay Wilder a pasar la Navidad juntos

Tyson fury, heavyweight champion of the CMB, he made an invitation to Deontay Wilder, for both families to spend Christmas together in Florida, after this year they closed their trilogy with victory for Gypsy king.

“It’s a huge place,” he said. Fury in an interview with the newspaper Daily mail about the place where Christmas will be spent. “With a huge pool. Room for everyone and I have told Deontay what will we have Disney world to reach”.

Fury knows that the three fights he lived against Deontay Wilder They have been tough, and it will take a toll on both of them.

“This will take years off our lives,” he said. “We will feel the effects of this in our last days.”

Tyson fury noted that he is grateful for all that the fight against Deontay Wilder, where both won in boxing and money.

“I am proud to have shared a very special moment with Deontay in the ring, which has brought us more fame and respect ”, he reflected Fury. “None of us will ever forget being a part of what people call one of the greatest fights of all heavyweights. Neither will the people who saw it. “

The Englishman is grateful to Deontay Wilder for the experience of having shared the ring.

“Going through that fire has been good for me as a person. And to Deontay too “, he added Fury. “This was an educational trip for both of us. We survived and for that I thank God. As I do with everything in my life. My wife, my family, my mental health, my boxing ”.

Get off the mat against Deontay Wilder

He also remembered how tough the fight was against Wilder, which suffered enough blows that sent him to the canvas.

“I think God told me to get up from those blows,” he recalls. Fury. “But I am always aware that it is man who must carry out God’s orders. It is not by chance that I did that. That I beat Wladimir Klitschko, that I can return after two years out of the ring and that I have found fame in the United States and have become the king of Las Vegas ”.

Tyson fury he is proud to have neutralized one of the most fearsome punchers of the moment.

“It is no coincidence that I denied the most dangerous puncher of all, even though he tried something different in the third fight by going for punches to my stomach early on,” he noted. Fury. “I deliberately went in heavier that time. My size and weight neutralized those blows. And while he was coming down I went over the top and knocked him down first ”.

But Fury He declared that at the end of the day he is still the king of the heavyweights for what he has shown to date.

“The bell stopped me at that point, but I decided at halftime before the fourth round to go for the final fast I had predicted. And it connected me, “he recalled Fury about the moment he went to the canvas himself. “In the end, for DeontayIt’s a shame for him that he’s boxing during my time. I am the Achilles heel of all the heavyweights of our age. In fact, the Achilles heel for all fighters right now: I’m too big, too good.

Fury did a review of 2021 and assured that he was not afraid of anyone and that he showed that his recovery from adversity is very good, as I showed when he was sent to the canvas by Wilder in the third fight.

“I only fear God. I never cared about fighting any man. And I always hope that every heavyweight has a big impact. Then no. But he was aware that here was a champion with the special ability to shut down any human with a single blow. Perhaps the strongest puncher of all time, “he argued.

“Some boxers have great chins,” he said. “But my powers of recovery are unique. Deontay He is not the first to look down on me. But like the others, he has found that I always get up. Forever”.

Deontay Wilder knocks down Tyson Fury in the third fight

What awaits you in 2022?

Gypy king He pointed out that he will have a very busy 2022, so he will take advantage of these days to rest one hundred percent.

“Looks like I’ll have a busy 2022,” he said. “If there is a lockdown, I will not return. It will be all January for me here. Although I train every day ”, he responded regarding the threats of the new restrictions in the UK.

And he assured that Usyk will defeat again Anthony Joshua in the rematch and knock him out again.

“He (Usyk) will beat Joshua again in their rematch. Probably knock him out this time. ” “He’s a very good fighter, but when we were here the other day he seemed like a middleweight next to me,” he said.

If I coach Joshua, he wins revenge against Usyk, says Tyson Fury