A los 44 años, Floyd Mayweather luce infalible en las manoplas

Floyd mayweather He showed again that he is in great physical shape at 44 years old and as is his custom, he made it known on his social networks where he shared a video doing his classic mitten exercises.

“It’s okay to remind everyone that sometimes who I am,” wrote the boxer next to the video exercising.

In this clip that lasts 27 seconds, it can be seen that ‘Money’ he still has that quickness of hands and feet, plus his agility seems to keep it one hundred percent.

It should be remembered that the last time he got into the ring was on June 6, 2021, where he had an exhibition fight against Logan paul at Hard Rock Stadium.

Mayweather He is one of the few ex-boxers who has stayed in shape and followed a diet plan and exercising a lot.

How Good Is Mayweather’s Mitten Exercise?

In an article written by Al Alvir, editor of the Shoot A Fair One page, dedicated entirely to boxing and mixed martial arts. The text delves into various peculiarities of this exercise.

“The greatest benefit of mitten work from the Mayweather is that it teaches fighters to react in a fight, and that “touch” (something light, without hitting hard) is essential for good boxing. It can be said that the rhythm of the hit (without so much force) is more important than trying to lay the blows constantly ”.

The work of the Mayweather it’s completely choreographed. In theory, a coach holding the mitts should mimic the head, body, and punching movements that his boxer will receive. In Mayweather’s mitten it becomes routine, like hitting the pear.