Chiefs want to get closer to Mexicans and compete with Cowboys and Steelers in the market

In Kansas City they accept that, for the moment, they are far from Dallas or Pittsburgh, but they will look for a strategy that affirms them in Mexico

Mark Donovan, President of the Kansas City Chiefs, assured that the goal of the organization is to get closer to Mexican fans and fight with franchises such as the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers or the Las Vegas Raiders.

“We know that coming to Mexico, with the NFLWe are team 19 or 20 out of 32 in terms of ranking and that is what drives our strategy. We must be more innovative and we know that we do not compete with Cowboys, Steelers or Raiders“Donovan accepted at a press conference.

“We know, from experience, that in the 2019 game we identified Mexican brands that work in Kansas and vice versa. We have companies with which to do business and if we take these opportunities we will have an advantage over the other teams to grow the franchise ”, added the manager this Friday.

And it is that Kansas city chiefs were one of the nine teams in the NFL who came to Mexico in the international territorial division of the league, which was proposed so that the franchises have greater growth and, therefore, the same league.

“It is a very exciting opportunity for us and an advantage to build our brand in the country. It is the country with the most teams in this initiative and it is the market that will grow the most in this period. The opportunity was created by the NFL so that we have the market rights in Mexico. This expands us into the commercial market, “said Donovan.

In addition, Donovan was aware that this expansion will open the doors to more NFL regular season games outside of U.S, situation that is lived in Europe and that in Mexico it was stopped by the pandemic of Covid-19.

“The pandemic had an impact on everyone and on businesses. The good news is that we have a strong business base and we will be very innovative in engaging with fans. I hope in the future we will be very active in the market and be able to play another game. Our experience in 2019 was very good ”, he assured.

Know that the NFL maintains constant negotiations with various cities to bring regular season games outside of the United States.

“As a franchise, our game in Mexico was very positive. I know there are negotiations for games in Monterrey, (Town) Mexico and in Europe. The league seeks to expand. “

“The power of the brand has grown a lot in the last 10 years and our players are known worldwide. These tools help to gain an advantage for our brand. It’s good that there are nine teams competing in Mexico. We are focused on maximizing the opportunity in Mexico and we are going to be very innovative and aggressive, ”concluded Donovan.