Ferro presented his claim to AFA to play the game again with Quilmes

As anticipated by its president, Daniel Pandolfi, Ferro presented late on Thursday the claim so that the match with Quilmes, corresponding to the return of the semifinal of the Reduced of the First National, be played again.

He did so based on the principle of “sports equity.” The note is not addressed to the Disciplinary court, but to the president of the AFA, Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia and has two other requests: that another instance of promotion be enabled for the Caballito club and that institutional measures be taken before the College of Referees “so that events like Monday do not happen again.”

Referee Nicolás Lamolina charged an alleged infraction by Marcelo Miño on Federico Anselmo, a beer striker. The television images show how the contact is the other way around: the Quilmes footballer is the one who collides with Ferro’s man. A day later, Lamolina admitted his mistake in statements to ESPN and apologized to Ferro’s fans and partners.

“Facts such as those indicated (the error in the penalty) irremediably damage the integrity of the competition, understood as the authenticity of the results and that corresponds not only to the notion of honesty and rectitude, but also the public perception of said values ​​about the competition” , reads the document presented by the Caballito club, and adds: “That is why what is denounced here acquires a much more important relevance and far beyond the performance, at least irregular, of a referee.”

“It is nothing less than a result in decisive instances of the tournament that is not the result of the sporting contest, but purely and exclusively of an arbitration error, publicly recognized by its own author, for which we request that by virtue of the principle of sportsmanship and the aforementioned integrity, the reiteration of the flawed party is provided, ”asks the purslane institution, whose last participation in the first division was in 2000. From that moment he was a member of the First National and even in the Metropolitan B. “The petition is not carried out under the terms of protest or before the competent disciplinary court, but by virtue of the statutory objectives and fundamental principles that the Association (of Argentine Soccer) must ensure”.