Kambosos decidirá contra qué rival peleará después de la vacaciones de diciembre

Promoter Lou DiBella, he assured that George Kambosos, the lightweight world champion, will decide who he will take as his next opponent in 2022 in a fight to be held in Australia.

“That fight will be in Australia. I believe that Knoll He indicated that he would be willing to go there, and I think there are others who will be willing to go there, and we will solve it after the holidays, “he said. DiBella in interview with Social Boxing. “All the best fighters (at lightweight) are in the race. There is no one with whom George doesn’t want to fight. “

DiBella He made it clear that the last decision will be made by the boxer, since at the moment he is the one in control of his career.

“He will be the one to make the decision. He is the emperor of division. You now have all the hardware. He will make the decision. How can you not be in the race? (in reference to Vasily Lomachenko)”, argument.

Will Lomachenko be the rival chosen by George Kambosos?

Lou DiBella I praise what has been done by Lomachenko in recent years, saying that he is a great boxer.

“He’s a great, great fighter, obviously he is, and there are other people in the race too, and George it will make its decision after all the alternatives are presented to it, “he said.

Although many boxers have come out to challenge the new champion, he knows that Kambosos you will make the best decision for your career.

“Yes, he is certainly on the run (Lomachenko), but that decision ultimately belongs to George Kambosos“, He sentenced.