Nadal: "I still have the inner flame to continue and fight for my goals"

The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal spoke to the media in Abu Dhabi about his preparation for return to the ATP circuit after several months of inactivity due to left foot problems.

“I know it will be very difficult for me. I will accumulate hours on the court at a competition level before a tough and demanding tournament like Australia. It won’t be too much, but the main thing is to always be healthy. If I am, I still have the inner flame to continue and fight for my goals ”, said the Mallorcan about his return to the courts, which is scheduled to be at the ATP 250 in Melbourne.

In addition, he added: “My experience says that things change very fast. What today seems impossible or almost impossible, nobody knows what can happen in a month. I’m fighting to be prepared if the situation gives you a little chance. I feel healthy. I can play the tournament before Australia and be there 20 days before the Australian Open starts and train well”.

“I’ve been doing a good job at home training well and with the right attitude and intensity. I’m working hard on physical preparation. My expectation is just to be there in Australia and to be healthy enough to play the tournament with positive feelings.”Nadal closed when referring to his preparation.