Pro D2: with the presence of Argentines, the results of the 15th date

This weekend, with the presence of Argentines, the 15th date of the Pro D2, the contest of the second division of French rugby. Among the highlights, Felipe Ezcurra had his first game as a starter in Grenoble, in the fall before Bressane by 30-20

The day began on Thursday with the 27-9 victory of Stade Montois in view of Colomiers. The place was owned by Carlos Muzzio, Lucas Mensa and José Luis González

For its part, on Friday, Francisco Gorrissen was from the start with Vannes, who beat 20-8 to Beziers, while Mariano galarza formed for Bayonne in the tight victory over Rouen by 28-27.

In the defeat of Provence 18-20 suede Agen, were headlines Tomás de la Vega, Federico Wegrzyn and the Uruguayan German Kessler, who also scored a try. While, Ignacio Calas was among the XV holders of Carcassonne, who defeated 26-25 a Nevers.

Montauban, with Segundo Tuculet in their ranks, did the same by beating 19-9 at Aurillacois; while Manuel Plaza played for Narbonne, which was beaten 70-0 by Oyonnax.