The best of Thibaud Flament's hand in hand with Scrum

The French Thibaud Flament had a hand in hand with Scrum in which he talked about everything and left more than interesting quotes about his past, present and future in the world of rugby.

In the first place, the second line analyzed its great 2021, in which it not only established itself in Toulouse, champion team of the Top 14 and the Champions Cup, but also his performance earned him the call to the selected one of his country.



In a dialogue with Scrum, the French second line analyzed his first season in Toulouse and his call for the French national team.

With the French team, the former Wasps made his debut against Los Pumas in the November window in what was a 29-20 European triumph. In this regard, Flament exclaimed that “my dream was to play my first game against Argentina”.



The second line confessed to Scrum the details of his call to the European team and his feelings of performing in front of Los Pumas.

With the emphasis placed on the Albiceleste team, the Frenchman highlighted the step he had for Newman and left no doubts: “I really want to go back”

Finally, the forward, who shares a team with Chocobares and Mallía in Toulouse, put his eye on the Argentine players who compete in the Top 14 in France and analyzed their performances.