Why do you put influencers and youtubers to fight like boxers, and since when?

It’s nothing new, even in the Rocky Balboa movies we saw the boxer face a fighter for charity, but times have evolved. Why are influencers and youtubers fighting? A rare, even dangerous combination, but there is a reality: they generate millions.

At the end of 2017, Logan Paul, a famous youtuber uploaded a video in the Aokigahar forest, also known as the forest of suicides. He recorded the body of a man who was hanged and made fun of him. A day later the platform downloaded his video and received thousands of criticisms.

His followers dropped considerably and he needed a strategy to get his numbers back up. Planned a boxing match, challenged another youtuber, KSI accepted and their subscribers warmed.

They thought big, first they got a permit to box professionally. Things happened, in August 2018 they filled the Manchester Arena in the United Kingdom, for their show. So far it is considered the largest event in the history of the internet, at least a million people paid to see the fight.

Why do you put influencers and youtubers to fight like boxers?

Among influencers, everything begins for fun or to challenge someone, but when they see the amount of money they can produce, they prefer to professionalize and stay in the industry.

After the first fight between Logan paul Y KSI, the promoters (who at first criticized) decided to do the math and get involved.

Photo: Logan Paul (Instagram)

The famous English promoter, Eddie herne commented that he could not ignore the magnitude of the event:

“I saw it and I thought I should get involved. I am fascinated by the way people consume YouTube content. There will be a huge new audience around the world and it’s our job to make sure they get interested in boxing; then they buy tickets and see other boxers. “

We are going to make numbers, according to information from LEFT PUNCH, it is estimated that the wealth of Logan paul It is 57.4 million dollars, but 38.4 has earned it in the box.

The BBC’s boxing expert, Steve Bunce, says that fights between youtubers are an opportunity for sport. First because new fans arrive and then because of the amount of money they generate

“If 10% of his fans see the fight, there are four million new eyes on the sport. Even if we take only 1%, it is still a huge number. In this fight everything revolves around the numbers. In the last match, 1.2 million paid to see the show, which was paid at $ 9. All that together is around US $ 13 million “Bunce said prior to Logan Paul’s second fight.

The business of streaming platforms

DAZN chases shows and if they are box-shaped the better. The sports promoter Eddie hearn He is one of the few who has put sport aside to grow his business. It is in the fights of the Brothers Paul, has signed contracts with DAZN Y Sky Sports.

In the first fight of KSI, the earnings were more than 85 million dollars by the pay-per-view. DAZN It is clear to him, he puts the youtubers as the main course and accompanies them with less interesting box fights, but full of quality.

Ibai Llanos is a streamer who has taken advantage of the box. The boxing evening organized by the Basque marked a before and after in the history of Twitch, as it was the most watched event.

The streamer organized a boxing event, he did not fight, but was the commentator of matches among his friends. Participated: Revive Y Elmillor, two of the most famous gamers in the League of Legends (LOL) game.

The event of the year Ibai had 1.5 million live views, although the separate fights on YouTube have more than 4 million views. There was no PPV, visitors donated money without limits.

Criticism of youtubers for entering the box

It’s clear, influencers entered the boxing industry for the money. The most puritanical fans are against their displays because they should not be considered fights and unless they are refereed by a commission.

Jaime moore is an ex-boxer and British trainer who thinks of the subject. He explains that they are not boxers, they are two young people with problems who only prepare for a short time:

“It’s a short period of time where they put their bodies on fire, but they know the end goal is to make a lot of money. Young professionals have no idea what the goal will be. “

There is something boxers must learn from youtubers: how to advertise and sell a fight. They are not boxers, but they are creative minds to create products.

“If I were a promoter, I would have my athletes see how these boys and girls are doing on YouTube or Facebook. If you think boxing shouldn’t be influenced by the online community, are you living in 1979? We are in 2019. Take it on “said Bunce.

The fights that are coming

Jake paul already faced Floyd mayweather jr. but more battles continue to be cooked where influencers appear. Jake himself seeks a fight against Mike Tyson, the boxing legend and who does not look badly to return.

Tyson himself is in favor of youtubers: “Boxing is making a comeback thanks to YouTube boxers.”

Why do influencers and youtubers fight?
Photo: Logan Paul (Instagram)

Conor mcgregor is also willing to fight against any of the Brothers Paul, you know that it is an insured business.

While Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez It is against: “They can get them killed. This is not a football game, they could get killed. Why do you license people who have never thrown a punch in their life? If there is a death, the commission will be responsible. Why? Because they issued the license for the fight.

The exquisite ones of the box say that this type of fights should not be allowed, although others assure that it is an opportunity to attract more fans and generate money.


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