Andrada: Signing with Monterrey was the best decision of my career

Rayados’ goalkeeper dreams of facing Chelsea in the Club World Cup final and reaching the Clausura 2022 final

The goalkeeper of Rayados Esteban Andrada revealed that accepting the offer of Monterrey It has been the best decision you have made in your professional career. The Argentine goalkeeper assured that he is happy in royal territory and is excited about the possibility of facing the Chelsea at the end of Club World Cup.

In an interview with ESPN, Andrada, 30, indicated that he enjoyed his time at Boca Juniors a lot but stressed that joining the staff of Striped It was an extraordinary movement and he said that he managed to adapt quickly to his new institution and to Aztec football.

“The truth is, yes, we were talking about it the other time with my family and sincerely the issue of being able to be in this club came up (Striped), it was the best thing that happened to me, both when I went to Boca as well, but I think this was the best decision, to be here, the people, what surrounds you, the one who works for you, the club, is very familiar and honestly Someone who comes from abroad expects something else, another welcome, and maybe there are other boys who have a harder time but in my case it was the opposite, automatically the first day I adapted with my colleagues, with people, with people who works and for that reason, it was a very good decision we made, “he said.

Esteban praised the level of MX League and hopes that his good performances with Striped allow him to fight for a place in the Argentine National Team that will play the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

“I hope I can be at a good level and that the Argentine coach has the consideration is for me something very good also for the institution, and I hope that I can be there fighting a place for the World Cup, which is the most that can happen to a player “, he indicated.

Regarding the second semester of Striped In 2021, Andrada acknowledged that the team did not meet expectations in the Apertrura 2021 but highlighted the good work in the CONCACAF Champions League and assured that he dreams of playing against him. Chelsea, current European champion.

“In the tournament there we did good things, bad things, it did not reach us and in the Concachampions the truth is that the team was a different side, we honestly had ups and downs, so many selected matches, we had a stretch of many matches and out there capable that regularity could not be maintained, which was the most important thing, but hey, the main objective that we were looking for was achieved to be able to classify the Club World Cup“he explained.

“Now sincerely, I hope God wants, I can be in the final and be able to tackle against him Chelsea, but first we know that the most important thing is the first game, we know that it will not be easy, it is another football, we have to see how they play, then we have a South American team like Palmeiras if we get through, hopefully we can be in one end of a Club World Cup that for me and for all my teammates is the most we want, “he commented.

About him Club World Cup and the good role that Tigres played a few months ago by becoming the first Mexican team to play the Final, the Argentine goalkeeper ruled out that the feline achievement was a source of pressure.

“Obviously we think of MonterreyThey (Tigers) have another path, we have another objective and the club will always be a priority above all things, we think of ourselves, fight all the tournaments and then be able to be in all the finals, which is what we prepare for. in the preseason and we set ourselves the main objectives to fight the tournaments. You always think about the club and Monterrey, which is the most important thing, “he said.

By last, Esteban Andrada pointed out that they are working to recover as soon as possible from the failure that meant being eliminated with Atlas in the last Liguilla and considered that Monterrey can reach the End of Closing 2022.

“Prepare ourselves in the best way, improve what we did wrong and continue to maintain the good we did last season. We know we have the Club World Cup competition and then focus on the championship which is the most important thing, for us to start these three dates with good results that surely in the semester we are going to lose two or three dates due to the tournament and we will recover them later and try to play another final, this squad and this team intends to do that, so I think that if we are all well It’s going to be a lot easier, “he said.