La versión de Artur Beterbiev que noqueó a Browne no le gana a Canelo

Artur Beterbiev painted his knockout in blood on Marcus browne to keep alive your chances of facing Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez in 2022 and defend supremacy in the light heavyweight division.

The Russian, however, for the first time looked vulnerable. At times inefficient, injured and with an unprecedented sense of urgency in his corner, where they implored him to increase the volume of blows on the body, as well as avoid the center of the ring.

Marcus browne, even with its limitations, managed to win the first three rounds over Beterbiev based on increased activity. The American put the occasional counter, lateral movement and put to Beterbiev to fight with support changes as he tried to close the gap and avoid developing the strategy of what was becoming his nemesis.

When the head clash came in the fourth round, Beterbiev He got the worst of it with a big gash across his forehead, gushing blood. The Russian, who had lost the first three rounds, was threatened that the fight could be stopped by the cut. He had to resolve the fight urgently.

Finally, the typical resilience of the Russian fighters overcame the even greater fragility of the American to stop him with a hook to the ribs in the ninth round.

Beterbiev at the end of the fight, kneeling on his knees, he stuck his head to the canvas leaving a mark of blood on an already red canvas. The blood came from a horrendous two-inch gash on his forehead during the fourth round. It is the perfect image of a fragile man, previously indestructible, who shows his blood and appreciates the victory that he feared losing minutes ago.

Defeat, at this point, is expensive for any light heavyweight champion. That opportunity to Artur Beterbiev, the one with the bag that changes lives, is in the person of Canelo.

The Mexican, undisputed super middleweight champion, already reigned in the light heavyweights when he defeated a fellow Mexican Beterbiev: Sergei Kovalev. He knocked him out in eleven rounds in 2019.

While the duo’s tentative plan Alvarez-Eddy Reynoso is to storm the cruiserweight division against Ilunga Makabu next year, this could wait.

Is clear: Beterviev (17-0-0, 17 KO’s) is the only world champion with a 100% knockout effectiveness throughout his professional career. He has built a reputation based on his power and the intimidation he causes against his rivals once he’s in the ring.

Beterbiev’s vulnerabilities

One can perhaps accept that looking vulnerable in the fight is fine, after all we are talking about sweet science, the business of pain. But looking vulnerable multiple times in a span of 36 hours?

Keep in mind that he did not cut the weight well the day before and had to weigh himself twice. He took more hits than expected and was unable to apply his typical pressure from the first round.

It is normal? The answer is no’.

Beterbiev it looked like a pawn used by a Russian chess master to contain damage and protect the crown in the match. Is Canelo The dominant player who can duel this fragile pawn?

Unlike the Russian, the Mexican has never looked fragile, hurt, or vulnerable in his fights. He has certainly lost many rounds and on occasion fighters like Jose Miguel Cotto, Genady Golovkin Y Caleb Plant they have put well blows of power. However, they have never hurt or shaken him.

Beterbiev is shaping up to be the next pawn.