Bergessio leaves Nacional: he left a legacy of titles and almost a hundred goals

A fearsome network-breaker, owner of a voracity for the goal that is not seen very often in Uruguayan football. Gonzalo bergessio will leave National after four seasons with a pure goal cry, with several titles and with the eternal love of the fans.

With 91 official goals, the Argentine became the club’s top scorer in the 21st century and ranked 10th in Nacional’s all-time scoring table, an achievement that seemed a long way off when Bergessio arrived in 2018 after a semester with little participation in Velez Sarsfield.

The historic brand of “Lavandina” takes on more value when it is considered that it was only two goals away from a club idol like Luis Artime, and that it left behind on the list figures such as Pedro Petrone, Juan Ramón Carrasco, Bibiano Zapirain, Julio César Dely Valdés, Walter Gómez or Héctor “Manco” Castro.

In total, the Cordovan played 174 times with the tricolor shirt: he won 95 games, drew 42 and lost 37. Of his 91 goals, only 11 were penalties and ended with a average of 0.52 touchdowns in his 13,684 minutes on the court, according to data collected by the club’s statistics portal.

His debut was on January 31, 2018 against Chapecoense for the preliminary phase of the CONMEBOL Libertadores Cup, and his first goals came on the first date of the Apertura Tournament of that year on February 3 against Montevideo City Torque in a four-to-two victory. with doublet of “Lavandina”.

As a Nacional footballer, Bergessio was two-time Uruguayan champion (2019 and 2020), two-time champion of the Intermediate Tournament (2018 and 2020), two-time champion of the Uruguayan Super Cup (2019 and 2021), and also won the 2018 Apertura Tournament and the 2019 Clausura.

The impact for Nacional going out onto the pitch with Bergessio was not only due to his scoring ability, since the forward pivoted, made his teammates play, created spaces and was very strong in duels. Another characteristic of the Cordovan was his regularity and enviable physical condition: despite his high age, it was an absolute rarity to see him miss a match or suffer an injury. So much so that, since he arrived at the Bag, he only lost 19 games of the 193 that the team played and there are included those that could not be due to expulsions or accumulation of yellow cards.

With the departure of Bergessio, an era for Nacional’s jersey 9 ends. A footballer who will be difficult to replace and who made sure to leave his mark on both the club and Uruguayan football.