La Canelita Lozano no pudo coronarse y cayó por nocaut técnico contra Marie-Eve Dicaire

Marie-Eve Dicaire won the vacant super welterweight title of the International Boxing Federation (IBF) after winning the Mexican by technical knockout Cynthia “Canelita” Lozano, who was very brave, but vastly surpassed.

Dicaire Y Lush the 154-pound scepter was played. Except for the first minute of the fight, total control was of the new monarch, who over and over again connected the left to the face of the Mexican, until the corner of Lush he stopped the fight at 1:03 minutes into the seventh round.

The Canelita she came out determined to do everything. In the first seconds of the fight he sent to the canvas Dicaire, although the referee did not count the fall. Attacks of Cynthia They were disorganized, with little technique in their walk in the ring and in the way they loosen their fists, but they were the one that went forward.

The Canadian left-hander released some power hits and tied up on several occasions to avoid the attacks of the Canelita. The Mexican was encouraged from her corner with shouts of “follow her, follow her.”

Brave from the first rounds, the undefeated Mexican did not stop attacking, but predictable and repetitive. Slowly Dicaire He took advantage of it to hurt the counterattack with left straights to his opponent’s face in the third round.

The Canadian took the measure of the Mexican and waited for the right moment to drop the left, which she did repeatedly on the fourth roll. Cynthia lozano He no longer connected and received a lot of hits.

The Canelita lozano was going forward. However, it was stopped by the right lefts of Dicaire, increasingly comfortable and cheered by her followers with each impact. Dicaire moved around the ring and with precise counterattacks that did a lot of damage to Cynthia, who was bound to knock out, something that seemed impossible.

The straight left of the Canadian were getting stronger and it was already an excessive punishment for the Mexican fighter. In the seventh round the corner of Cynthia decided to stop the fight for the victory of the Canadian.

Dicaire he achieved the first knockout of his career and improved his personal record to 18-1, with that one win before the limit. The Mexican, meanwhile, suffered the first setback of her career to stay with a record of 9-1, 7 knockouts.