Dominican courts issue arrest warrant for former player Miguel Tejada

The former Major League Baseball player has been accused of writing bad checks and the measure was taken by the Penalty Enforcement Court of the National District Judicial Department

Miguel Tejada He is still involved in legal matters and is again requested by the courts of the Dominican Republic.

According to the newspaper HOY, the Penal Execution Court of the Judicial Department of the National District issued an arrest warrant against the former Major League Baseball player, who was accused in 2018 of writing bad checks.

Tejada would not have complied with the sentence issued in July 2019 by the Fourth Criminal Chamber of the Court of First Instance of the National District, after the sentence was adopted, being found guilty of violation of article 66 of Law 28-59 on checks, in those who paid without any financial support to the affected Henry Rafael Soto Lara.

According to what was published by HOY, Tejada would have appealed the decision in October 2020, which had been rejected by the Second Criminal Chamber of the National District Court of Appeal and also the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice would have rejected an appeal of cassation, through sentence 001-022-2020-SSEN-01058.

In December 2018, another complaint against Tejada was dismissed in which the former player was accused of also issuing bad checks to a remittance agency.

According to the lawyer José Antonio Logroño, on behalf of the Remittance and Currency Exchange Agent Capla SA, Tejada paid RD $ 500,000 Dominican pesos (approximately US $ 8,740 at the current exchange rate), as part of the agreement by which the complaint was dismissed. , although the payment will be made 15 days late.

Tejada had a 16-year career in the Major Leagues in which he played with the Oakland Athletics, Baltimore Orioles, Houston Astros, San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals, in which it is estimated that he had contracts in total for a figure close to $ 100 million. Dollars.