One year from the final of the Qatar World Cup 2022

The countdown to the 2022 Qatar World Cup continues, which began on November 21 and this Saturday, December 18, we will begin to travel the last year before the grand final. On a strange date, but with the usual feelings: anxiety, uncertainty, euphoria and passion. Lusail will be the headquarters of the most important party of all, in a country that experiences football in a different way from that of the usual nations but that is now ready to host the big party. has a special coverage to start experiencing the World Cup in a big way.

The news of the Qualifiers, one year later

This is Qatar, the host country

Let’s talk about players …

… and equipment

  • Germany, the first classified

  • Brazil, the advance of South America

  • Argentina, a champion and undefeated who dreams of Messi’s prize

  • Italy, between a title and a concern

  • England, the time to take the big leap

  • France, an indisputable candidate

  • Uruguay, without a coach and in crisis

  • Colombia, in the classification zone but with doubts

  • Peru, with soaring spirits

  • chili, on the ledge

  • Ecuador, one step away from the classification

A look to the past

What if it were today?

The road to the World Cup

A little history