Marlen Esparza y Avispa Ortíz

Marlen esparza He did not have too many complications and achieved the first defense of the WBC flyweight title after defeating by clear unanimous decision Anabel “Avispa” Ortiz.

After 10 rounds, the scores favored Scatter by 100-88, 95-94 and 99-90, for the triumph of the American in the AT&T Center from San antonio.

The waspTwo-time straw world champion, she climbed two divisions in search of a new crown, but she found a champion willing to have a long reign and who showed it from the beginning, with greater speed and certainty in her strokes.

In addition to being physically overcome and in the ring, Anabel She also had to fight the referee, who gave the Mexican protection account twice, although they were not knocked down in the second and fourth rounds.

The bronze medalist in the 2012 Olympics punished from the first assault on the Wasp to the body and to the head, and in the second he pushed the Mexican with his forearm for the first fall, which should not have counted, and which gave the champion more advantage.

The blows he threw Scatter were accurate and reached their destination, while Anabel He tried to answer, but without reaching his goal. In the fourth roll the Mexican slipped and Scatter seemed to push her back with his arm so that the referee Angel Mendez tell another fall that should not have been.

Although after the first half of the fight Anabel He responded and got face-to-face with the monarch, which worked for him, in the final part Marlen he regained control of the stock and headed for victory without question. The Mexican sought the knockout at the end, but her punch did not reach her and after the backhand she felt deprived.

“I had a great fight, but the referee did not favor me,” he said. Anabel. “He counted two slips that weren’t falls, they were shoves. The referee didn’t know how to do his job and it was a title fight, they took away the victory ”.

Scatter, who appreciated having put up a good fight on his return after falling ill with coronavirus, said he wants all the 112-pound titles and mentioned the Japanese Naoko fujioka as your first goal.

This was the second defeat followed by the Wasp, who after losing the minimum title of the AMB with Seniesa Estrada now he lost the fight for the fly scepter CMB and his record was 31-5, 4 knockouts; Marlen He is 11-1, 1 knockout.