NFL: Reasons not to miss Week 15 games

The rugged Week 15 of the season began Thursday night with the thrilling triumph of the Kansas city chiefs, 34-28, about Los Angeles Chargers to take the lead in the AFC West.

However, the calendar suffered multiple modifications due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak in teams around the league.

Due, Las vegas raiders visit the Cleveland browns on Sunday afternoon, while the games between Seattle SeahawksLos Angeles Rams Y WashingtonPhiladelphia Eagles They will be played on Tuesday night.

However, the Sunday session continues to have an important list of attractive duels that we cannot miss.

These are the reasons to watch the matches of the Sunday day of Week 15:

The Bills have been two completely different teams in the first and second half of the season, the problem is that their second half of the year has been so bad that now they are fighting to stay alive in the fight for the playoffs, that’s how terrible it has been its downfall.

The Panthers, for their part, have nothing to boast about to Buffalo, the arrival of Cam Newton was only an ephemeral boost for a team that looks stagnant and in which the offensive coordinator has already been sacrificed, if he follows this step it is very likely that Don’t be the only coach to lose the job at Carolina this season.

This is a clash of light and shadow. Yes, the Lions are no longer that winless team, but they are not close to being a real threat to the rest of their rivals, either.

Because of the momentum that the Cardinals carry, the reality is that this game only arouses our interest to see how many points Arizona will end up scoring against Detroit.

The Dolphins are one of the hottest teams in the NFL today, but the pressure could be getting on them too, so this is definitely a cheat game.

Miami is a wide favorite to beat the Jets and if you believe that it is very likely that their consecutive winning streak – and therefore their hopes of reaching the playoffs – will come to an abrupt end, but if the Dolphins continue with their approach one play at a time regardless of the opponent, then they will maintain the rhythm that brings them closer to the Bills in second place in the AFC East.

The Cowboys have taken a comfortable distance at the top of the NFC East and while they are unlikely to be able to fight for the No. 1 seed in the National Conference, what is at their fingertips is to tie up their postseason ticket soon. .

The Giants should already be thinking about 2022, but that doesn’t mean jettisoning their season, but having weekly auditions to find out which players really deserve to return.

The loss of the Patriots opens the door for the Titans to take the lead in the AFC with a victory, but it is not an easy task facing a Steelers who are fighting practically every week for their lives.

Pittsburgh’s defense is its best chance of beating the Titans, who despite their bloated record continue to cast doubt on offense until star running back Derrick Henry returns.

The Jaguars enter a new era – in the heat of the season – with the firing of head coach Urban Meyer and one would expect the change to be immediate. The squad was clearly not comfortable with the coach and there is no better way to find the right path than a game against one of the few teams in the NFL that has grounds for being considered worse than Jacksonville in the Texans.

When we see that the Bengals and Broncos have the same record (7-6) it would seem that there is an error in the numbers, but that perfectly explains how irregular the Bengals’ campaign has been, which went from being division leaders to sinking in a streak of two consecutive losses.

The Broncos have basically been a bad team all season, unable to build winning streaks despite the benefits of their schedule. Playoffs in Denver? Not this year.

Outside of the division leaders, the NFC is full of uneven teams – excluding the Rams – and that opens the door for the 49ers to break away from the rest in search of a playoff spot.

San Francisco needs victory to continue tipping the tiebreaker criteria against direct rivals with a similar record in its favor and therein lies the importance of this game because if the Falcons win, they will both be tied at 7-7, so the margin of error for the future will be minimal.

Packers and Ravens monopolize spotlight with what undoubtedly looks like the most attractive game of the Week 15, with a duel of quarterbacks that represent diametrically opposed styles with the precision of Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball and the versatility of Lamar Jackson to destroy defenses with his legs.

The probability is that this game will be decided by the cast around the quarterbacks and on that front the Packers have the advantage with a solid running attack and wide receivers who understand each other perfectly with Rodgers, while Jackson has had problems finding support in his mates.

Incredibly, Tom Brady has not been able to beat the Saints in the regular season and if he adds a new loss it will mean that it will be his second consecutive sweep against the same rival, something that has never happened in his career.

The Buccaneers are wide favorites to win, but if New Orleans surprises us, we will be witnessing something historic.