The best moments of Moneta and Álvarez Fourcade in Scrum

The 2021 season came to an end and one of the most important joys of the year for him Argentinian rugby was the Bronze obtained by the modality of Seven in Tokyo 2020. What’s more, Marcos Moneta was chosen as the best player of that discipline of the year for the World Rugby.

To talk about the whole season, the wing, accompanied by the captain of Los Pumas 7’s, Santiago Alvarez Fourcade, they visited the Scrum Domingo floor and the first thing they clarified was the balance that all of 2021 left for both players.

There, Álvarez Fourcade gave his partner some sensational words arguing the award he was awarded.



The captain of the Argentine national team spoke in Scrum about the present of his partner, the best Sevens player of 2021.

In addition, the Bahiense clarified that when he started his career as a Seven player he had to change your physical activity to accommodate the speed of discipline.

2021 was a spectacular year for Los Pumas 7’s and both members of the selected team counted the Keys to the team to achieve the constancy they had when playing the Olympic Games and the World Tour.

One of the fundamental pillars of the team was its coach, Santiago Gomez Cora, and Moneta confessed the confidence it gave him to be a fundamental weapon.

Santiago Álvarez Fourcade did not want to be left behind and also spoke of the importance of the head coach on the way to what could be one of the most important years in the history of Los Pumas 7’s.

Regarding the award given as the best in the discipline, Moneta clarified how those moments were while receiving the distinction in the hands of Brian O’Driscoll.



The back counted in Scrum the moments before receiving the trophy for the best rugby seven player in the world.