Tottenham Hotspur vs.  Liverpool - Match Report - December 19, 2021

ENGLAND – Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur signed a very entertaining match, full of failures, and in which the ‘Spurs’ forgave some ‘Reds’ who ended up with ten players and each time further away from the lead (2-2).

Manchester City escapes in the fight for the league after a game in which Liverpool could go 4-0 down in half an hour, if it were not for the poor aim of the rival, they managed to come back a goal from Harry Kane, and, with everything in favor, he blew himself up with a resounding failure by Alisson and a “self-ejection” by Andy Robertson, which left the ‘Reds’ with ten to twenty minutes to go.

Those of Jürgen Klopp resisted in a match in which they could be thrashed, they could win and ended up asking for the final whistle and in which Tottenham made a first half hour of which Antonio Conte would be very proud.

Despite two weeks without competing, Tottenham gave the image of having prepared this game for a long time. He knew how to find the tickle of a Liverpool touched by the covid and pressured by a Manchester City that does not fail. It cost very little for the ‘Spurs’ to break into three quarters and create danger, from the burst, not starting from control.

Thus came the first, with a break from Emerson and a low cross that Kane controlled to meet Konaté’s save at the turn. And so the goal also came. Harry Winks recovered the ball in the middle, Ndombele took out the periscope and found a gap between Konaté and Kane. Matip was wrong on the mark and Kane was able to receive inside the area, control and define crossed. His first goal since October 17, the second on his account in the Premier.

Then a carousel of plays was unleashed that could end in a win for Tottenham. Three lethal cons, two by Son, first by not being able to hole a pass from Kane and then by making a mistake when dribbling to Alisson, and one by Dele Alli, who had everything in favor at the penalty spot, but found a great stretch of the Brazilian goal.

And the torrent, instead of ending in a landslide, ended with 1-1. Liverpool’s first, with great anticipation from Robertson on the left flank, was finished by Jota with a head.

The Portuguese was the headache of Conte’s defense and it almost cost them one more upset when Emerson knocked him down inside the area. To the disbelief of Klopp, who was reprimanded for the protests, neither the referee nor the VAR appreciated anything.

To culminate a more than entertaining first half, Lloris took the 1-2 from Alexander-Arnold point-blank.

Liverpool had regained control, but still did not know how to defend among their centrals, who without the figure of Van Dijk, with covid, suffered a lot in the leaked balls.

Kane, who despite the goal is still not fine in the face of goal, missed two in one minute inexplicable. Eric Dier put a perfect ball into the box to allow Dele Alli and Kane’s one for two and when the former made the kill pass he ran into Alisson desperately. In a later corner, Kane could not direct, a meter from the goal, his header to the net.

And from forgiving so much, Tottenham paid for it. Amid the anger of the public, who claimed that the play was preceded by a penalty to Alli, Lloris took a shot, between Salah’s hand and head, on the line. The ball was dead for Alexander-Arnold who volleyed to the far post for Robertson to crouch down and push it off with his head. Despite the fact that Conte was screaming for a hand and the intervention of the VAR, the goal went up to the scoreboard.

Sew and sing for the Klopp? No, because moments later Alisson made life difficult on an outing, failed to clear and allowed Son to score at will. And the frustration was paid by Robertson in the worst way. Out of the blue, he kicked Emerson dangerously and, after the VAR intervened, ended up on the street.

With one less Liverpool decided not to play more and sealed a tie that leaves City as a great beneficiary of the day, which leads Liverpool by three points and Chelsea by six, while Tottenham is seventh, six points behind. the Champions.