Sin lucir ni noquear, Chávez Jr ganó por decisión unánime a David Zegarra

Without looking or knocking out like he promised, Julio César Chávez Jr was imposed by unanimous decision David zegarra in the stellar lawsuit of the function that took place in the Palenque of the Livestock Fair of Culiacán, Sinaloa.

After ten rounds in the lawsuit agreed to at 85 kilos, the son of the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez he was left with the victory by unanimous decision. However, the cards were not released.

Chavez Jr sought from the beginning to harm Zegarra. He tried to corner him and hit him a couple of times with a left hook, but the lack of blows from the Sinaloan was already noticeable.

The son of legend knew that the flies of the Zegarra Panther they would be dangerous. In the second round, the Peruvian began to release them more frequently, in addition to quick combinations and looking to do damage on short terrain.

On various occasions, Chavez Jr due to the lack of frequency in the beating, and once again there was an absence of blows.

Zegarra repeatedly punished the Junior in the fourth round. At some point in the episode with two uppers in a row and also with quick combinations. Chavez Jr he sought to take him against the ropes and connect with power or a combination that ended with a hook, but without the desired success.

At the beginning of the fifth round, it was the Peruvian who went on the attack and tried to punish the son of the legend with hooks and uppers, some of whom connected wisely. Chavez Jr he insisted with power blows, but they didn’t hurt.

The two boxers staged a war in the sixth round, especially in the final part, and they moved people. In the short distance and glued to the ropes they exchanged punishment, with uppers, hooks and flyings that hurt both of them.

Zegarra continued with his plan of fight, with flying that damaged the Junior, who looked better at medium and long distance, taking advantage of his greater reach to hit the South American.

The hitting frequency was still favorable for the Zegarra Panther, while the power shots were the ones that connected Chavez Jr, who had his father in the front row Julio Cesar Chavez, who did not stop giving directions.

Visibly tired Zegarra even invited the Junior to attack on the ninth roll. The Sinaloan responded with solid impacts to the humanity of the Peruvian, who endured the few blows that his rival released, but also responded.

The last round was the best for Chavez Jr, cornered his rival. He released various combinations and repeatedly connected to Zegarra, who stood firm all that he commanded Julius Caesar, who in the end was declared the winner.

Thus, without convincing, Chavez Jr He returned to the path of victory and improved his record to 53-6-1, 34 by knockout, although he is far from the level he wants to face other types of rivals; Zegarra stayed with a record of 34-7, 21 knockouts