Zurdo Ramírez y Dmitry Bivol

Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramírez warned the russian champion Dmitry Bivol that he can no longer run and will have to fight him in 2022 for the light heavyweight belt of the AMB.

“It’s time for the truth. Bivol, you can no longer run, “he commented Gilberto at the end of his fight against the Cuban Yunieski González, whom he managed to knock out.

The left handed He lived through an intense battle in the first four episodes, where the Cuban veteran landed several blows and there were constant exchanges. However, towards the end it was more effective and due to the constant punishment he received, the referee decided to put an end to the lawsuit.

“I knew it was going to be a very complicated fight, I saw him in the eye and I knew that I was not afraid at all, I had nothing to lose,” said the man from Mazatlan Sinaloa. “Eventually I knew that sooner or later that knockout we were looking for would come.”

With the triumph, Ramirez was placed as the mandatory challenger of the belt in the power of the Russian, who on more than one occasion has put aside the proposal of the Left handed.

Gilberto He insisted that this opportunity is the greatest in his career and sent a message to Mexicans.

“This is very big for me, it is a great chance,” he said. “I come from Mexico To teach people that you can, that there are no shortcuts, believe in your dreams that you can go as far as you want. It’s just about dedication, desire and discipline to achieve something. “

In the first instance, Bivol he looked like the main candidate of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez at 175 pounds, but later the Guadalajara decided to stay in the super middleweight to unify against Caleb Plant.

Zurdo Ramírez sent a message to Bivol

Gilberto Ramirez did not forget the idol of ranchera music, Vicente Fernandez, to whom he dedicated his triumph over Gonzalez.

“This fight was dedicated to Don Vicente Fernández”He said excitedly after achieving his 43rd victory as a professional boxer. “Live Mexicoyou bastards ”.

El Zurdo began with a tribute to charro of Huentitan from his entrance to the ring, where he walked while the melody of “The king“, In the voice of Chente.