En una pelea con momentos de guerra, el Zurdo Ramírez logró detener a Yunieski González en el décimo

In a fight that had moments of war, Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramírez managed to bend Yunieski González and stop him in the 10th round of a fight held in San Antonio, Texas.

The Left handed had to row in deep water to be able to knock out a Yunieski González that he came out ready for war, and that he exploited all the weaknesses of the Mexican. And is that Ramirez it had moments of brilliance, but also moments of alarm.

From the first moment, Yunieski González made it clear to Ramirez who came to fight. Yunieski it was for him Left handed in the first round, he got solid hands on him and shook him twice in the round. Gilberto Ramirez He seemed to start cold, he looked slow, both in his hands and in his reactions. He got a lot of blows.

The Lefty Ramirez woke up in the second half of round two. He found his rhythm, his distance. Attack with combinations, up and down, two-handed. The answers are removed from Gonzalez, and rotates it to change angle and keep hitting it. It looks like another in the second half of the round.

That kind of boxing would be, precisely, the best boxing moments of Ramirez throughout the fight. He was technically adept, nimbly circumnavigating Gonzalez, making it turn on its own axis, and giving the Mexican his own angles to hit the Cuban with combinations.

But on the other side Ramirez he suffered when that level of activity dropped. He kept his gloves very low, his guard sloppy, and Gonzalez took advantage with hard and fast blows, which at times shook the Left handed.

The fight reached moments of war. In the third round, Yunieski González hurts Ramirez against the ropes, but the Left handed come back in the fight. Connect with power to Gonzalez in the last seconds of the round.

The war continued in the room. They both engage in lengthy give-and-take exchanges, but Gonzalez he survives hurt the entire last minute of the round. He’s very close to hitting the mat, get good hands on Ramirez, but the best blows of power are put by the Left handed that shakes the head of Gonzalez, and the referee is close to stopping the fight.

The fifth was another round of many exchanges. Ramirez hurt again Gonzalez at the end of the round. Once again, the Cuban is close to going to the canvas, and the fight is stopped. Ramirez He still takes a lot of hits, but he lands the most solid hits from the exchanges.

Both fighters dropped decibels in the sixth. Ramirez He dominates it by being more aggressive and proposing the fight. Gonzalez He fights backwards, throwing isolated punches, but no longer with power or explosiveness. It looks very diminished. Ramirez he reconnects the most solid in the last seconds of the round.

The seventh is a round for Yunieski González that returns to explosiveness. A left crusader shakes the Left handed, who retreats wounded, but manages to survive. Ramirez He seeks to recover by establishing his jab, but fails to land power shots.

In the eighth, the Lefty Ramirez find those moments of technical brilliance again. Work behind the jab, circumnavigate Gonzalez in angles to put combinations from their angles. Is the best Left handed of the night.

One of the tasks that the Left handed had left pending were those of the beating to the body. He had tried very little in the fight. However, in the ninth episode, she started looking for him more.

It was clear at this point in the fight that when the Left handed works on the jab, and throws it frequently, neutralizes Gonzalez. And is that with the jab on top, the Cuban keeps busy taking off the blow and has no vision to throw blows. However, when Ramirez it stays static without throwing it away, that’s when Gonzalez he gets into the short field.

The denouement comes in the tenth round. The Left handed manages to hurt twice Gonzalez. The blow that makes the Cuban bad is a short right hook that finds the Cuban’s chin clear at a crossroads. Ramirez shakes his head at Gonzalez, who seeks to get away with hesitant steps. When feeling hurt, the Left handed It is serene to finish it. Overwhelms Gonzalez against the ropes until the referee is stopped. Gonzalez He seemed so happy to be stopped that he even hugged and charged the referee.

What chances does this Zurdo Ramírez have against Bivol or Beterbiev?

It was a chiaroscuro night for him Lefty Ramirez, and what was shown before Yunieski González it’s a mixed message for light heavyweight champions. The Left handed who stands in the middle distance with his guard very low receives a lot of hits and has nothing to do against a Dmitry Bivol or against a Artur Beterbiev.

But Lefty Ramirez of the best moments against Gonzalez He is a rival of respect for both Russian champions. The Left handed who works the jab, moves around the ring and boxes his rivals in short circles, combining punches from his angles is a fighter who can find great moments before Bivol, but above all before Beterbiev.

Dmitry Bivol He is a complete fighter, with boxing, aggressiveness and mobility. The Lefty Ramirez he can also display all abilities at a very good level. It would be a reserved prognosis fight.

Artur BeterbievOn the contrary, he is a more static fighter but with much greater punching power. The Left handed he would risk his life against Beterbiev if he stays static in the middle distance with the guard passed out. But if you apply yourself, and you do boxing, jabbing, and spinning Beterbiev, the Left handed can give the Russian champion a boxing lesson.

The Lefty RamirezSo you need to define who you want to be at 175 pounds, and be more consistent in your boxing. The ups and downs he showed before Yunieski González They were enough to beat a competitive rival, but that inhabits the periphery of the category. Against the elite light heavyweight, those mistakes can cost them dearly.