Por ahora, Chávez Jr descarta interés en pelear con Jake Paul

Even if Julio César Chávez Jr is willing to face a youtuber like Jake paul, made it clear that his priority is to measure himself against professional boxers.

“There are many rivals, there are youtubers,” he said. Chavez Jr in statements in your account Instagram. “But as a professional boxer, I am interested in fighting with the professionals.”

Saturday the youtuber Jake paul dramatically knocked out Tyron woodley in Tampa, Florida, while Chavez Jr defeated the Peruvian by unanimous decision David zegarra, although not entirely convincing.

Even if Tommy fury, Nate Diaz Or until Mike tyson sound like possible rivals of Paul, users on social networks want to see it before Chavez Jr, who did not rule it out.

“I’m not saying I’m not interested” facing youtubers, he commented. “But I would like to do two more fights like this (before Zegarra) and then a more attractive one for the people ”.

Thanks to Eddy Reynoso for a message of support

After the message of encouragement that he wrote Eddy reynoso, Chavez Jr He was grateful, saying that the coach realized what he is currently doing with his life.

“I heard comments from Eddy reynoso, that I get along well with him, “he said Chavez Jr. “He more than many realized the desire that I am throwing at life.”

He acknowledged that after spending more than three months in a rehabilitation center, he came out more motivated, which he showed and wants to continue showing.

“After where I come from being 3 or 4 months, training for a month and a half that lowers your motivation,” he considered Chavez Jr. “But I don’t lose it, I’m still motivated, I really wanted to do it, there were many little problems, personal things, although I feel happy because I regained confidence.”

Of the fight with Zegarra he acknowledged that he was not close to his best days. Recognize that a single month of training was not enough, but that little by little you will show your level, because you can give more.

“The most important thing is to increase the level to exceed what I did one day,” concluded the son of the legendary Julius Caesar. “People are interested, they are happy with the event that took place, with the action of the fight, people want to see me and I will continue to fight often, thank God people want to see me box and you have to take advantage of it, you have to have continuity Not having 3 or 4 months without training, I liked the fight in general, but I know that I can give much more ”.