Steve Kerr (Golden State Warriors), is officially named new coach of Team USA

Steve Kerr saw everything that happened Gregg popovich as coach of the United States men’s national team. He saw exactly how difficult it was for the Americans last summer to come out of the Tokyo Olympics with another gold medal.

And when he got up off the ground for the last time in Tokyo, he was exhausted. “It wasn’t easy,” Kerr said.

It wasn’t, and it was just further proof that America’s gold walk days are over. He decided to take the job anyway.

Kerr was formally announced as the next coach of the US men’s team on Monday in San Francisco, a not-well-kept secret. Kerr will lead the Americans if they qualify for the 2023 Basketball World Cup and the 2024 Paris Olympics. Kerr’s assistant coaches will be the Miami coach, Erik spoelstra, the Phoenix coach, Monty williams, and Gonzaga’s coach, Mark few.

Williams has been an assistant before, under former United States coach, Mike krzyzewski. Spoelstra and Few participated in training for Team USA, which met to practice against the Olympic team last summer.

“Coaching the US men’s national team comes with a great deal of responsibility, one that requires a group effort with a team of coaches committed to the team,” said Kerr. “Our goal, of course, is to win and make our country proud. We will work hard to achieve it.”

Kerr would be the 16th different coach to lead the Americans to the Olympics. Of the 15 above, 13 have come out with gold. His hiring to the position represents Grant Hill’s first major decision in his role as managing director of the men’s national team, the position he is taking after Jerry Colangelo helped the Americans win the last four Olympic gold medals in that. Market Stall.