The fixture for the 2022 season of the American Rugby Super League confirmed

The American Rugby Super League confirmed its fixture for the 2022 season. It will consist of two stages, being the first in Buenos Aires and Chile, and the second in Montevideo. Then the semifinals and the final will also be played in the Uruguayan capital.

The defending champion Jaguars XV will debut on Sunday, March 6 before Coffee Growers Pro, while a day before they will open the tournament Selknam and Olimpia Lions. The first instance will culminate on March 29 so that later the activity is resumed on April 17th, already in Uruguay, until 15 th of May.

The semifinals will be played on the 21st of that month, while the final will be on the 28th.

The fixture of the first stage of the SLAR:

The fixture of the second stage of the SLAR: