The URBA presented the prizes for the 2021 season

As in every season finale, the Buenos Aires Rugby Union gave the awards of the year at the final dinner. The first distinctions were for the different categories of rugby feminine.

In the same, UTN Haedo and La Salle were recognized as the winners of the Development and Championship Zones respectively in the category of Seven. In the modality Have, who was awarded was GHG, while in the Development Zone of 12, the winner was Athletic San Andrés.

By the side of the branch masculine, Own Atlético San Andrés, Varela Jr., St. Brendan’s, Vicentinos, San Cirano and Atlético del Rosario received the distinctions as the champions of Development, Third, Second, First C, First B and First A respectively.

They were then recognized Santiago Gomez Cora Y Marcos Moneta. The first for the Bronze medal achieved in Tokyo 2020, while the second, a member of the Olympic team, due to having been chosen as the World’s Best Sevens Player in this 2021.

To close with women’s rugby, Silver was awarded for having been crowned in the modality of 12 Y Sofia gonzalez She was chosen Best Player of the year. For their part, among men, John Baptist Daireaux he got the award for Best Player of the URBA Top 12, while the champion CUBA, also received his distinction.

Finally, the URBA gave him the chap from 2021 to the Belgrano player Thomas Rosati, who this year decided to retire from the activity.