En las buenas y en las malas: Manny Pacquiao y cómo conoció a su inseparable esposa Jinkee

Jinkee pacquiao is the wife of Manny pacquiao, and has become a favorite of boxing fans for always being by the side of the Filipino idol, in good times and even more in bad times, and here is the story of how Manny pacquiao met his wife Jinkee.

And has been next to Manny since Pacquiao He was about to turn 20 and was a young fighter in search of glory. Jinkee Y Manny they met in 1998, a few weeks before Manny will travel to Thailand to play, and win, his first world championship, the fly of the CMB. It was in the summer when Manny pacquiao he was coming back from making his first fight outside of the Philippines. He had gone to Japan to knock out in the first round Shin terao.

“After my fight in Japan, I returned to General Santos for a short vacation,” recalls Manny in his autobiographical book. While I was there, I ran into an old friend named Reinaldo Jamora. He asked me a question that would change my life, he asked me if I wanted to meet his niece ”.

It was Reinaldo Jamora, uncle of Jinkee, who orchestrated the relationship.

“We took a taxi to the shopping center in General Santos where his niece worked ”, he recalls Manny. “When I entered the store, I almost went down with the niece of Reinaldo. Jinkee she was very beautiful, and I was overwhelmed by her beauty. I felt like I was standing there for a long time in silence, but I couldn’t stop looking at her. I was just glad of what Jinkee did not think that I was someone weird, or that I was some kind of idiot. Fortunately, Reinaldo He did most of the talking and suggested that we meet up later for dinner. “

Jinkee Remember the same story for the moment you met Manny pacquiao in the mall of General Santos.

“I will never forget that day in 1998, in a shopping center in the city of General Santos,” he says. Jinkee. “It was when I met the man I would marry, the man I would have four children and the man I would have the love of an entire country, the man who would one day become a hero to the world.”

Jinkee she remembers her first impression of this boy who was barely out of adolescence, and who was only a few weeks older than her.

“I used to work as a beauty consultant for skin care products,” she recalls. Jinkee. “And one day my uncle arrived Reinaldo Jamora. And right behind Reynaldo A skinny young man was coming who didn’t average more than 1.70. Not in my wildest imagination would I have guessed that this man was a fighter, a boxer, and a man of war inside the ring. He looked very sweet and gentle. His gestures weren’t necessarily shy, because he seemed confident, but he was very quiet and reserved. My uncle walked up to me, and said ‘Jinkee, I want you to meet the next world champion. ‘ And then, he proudly pointed at that slim young man beside him. Manny smiled a little and my uncle said, ‘this is Manny pacquiao‘”.

And that was how Manny pacquiao met his wife Jinkee. The uncle of Jinkee, Reinaldo JamoraHe had suggested that the two of them meet for dinner after that first meeting at the mall.

“Of course I accepted. Dinner with Jinkee It was unforgettable ”, he remembers Manny. “I had the opportunity to admire her beauty, which I later learned was a gift from the mixture of her Filipino and Spanish blood. Fortunately, I was able to speak at dinner and our conversation flowed. It was very easy to talk to Jinkee, and he didn’t want dinner to end so the conversation won’t end. But out of respect and courtesy, we agree to meet again. There was no doubt, and she later confirmed it, of what happened in that store. She knew she had won my heart from the moment our eyes connected. She took my breath away, just being herself. “

Manny was impressed with the girl, and began to invent ways to continue seeing her, and helping, because the family of Jinkee he was humble.

“When I was in General Santos, I wasn’t busy seeing Jinkee, and kept looking for reasons to get to know her better, “he says Manny. “I was very creative with it. Jinkee he lived with his twin sister Janeth, a college student, and with her older sister Haydeé. I knew they didn’t have a lot of money, a story that I understood. So I did what I could to help and to earn his friendship. Then he would go to his house in the mornings, and bring him breakfast, expecting to see Jinkee. But that tactic didn’t work that well, because they were so busy when the day started. Almost every time the door was opened, it was her older sister who accepted the food, thanked me, and then closed the door. Recognizing the futileness of my morning attempts, I looked for a different tactic, and began arriving with dinner in the evenings. This worked, and I was able to spend time with Jinkee at the end of the day”.

Jinkee and Manny Pacquiao in 1999

A) Yes, Manny pacquiao was conquering the love of Jinkee, from whom he would no longer separate.

“That was the beginning of what would be a beautiful romance,” he recalls. Jinkee. “Manny He didn’t talk much, but when he did, he had powerful ideas about helping his people, and helping his country. That impressed me, because I had always worked with the church, and with many charities in our community. Love came soon. When I first started meeting this man, I didn’t know much about boxing, but Manny He taught me to enjoy the sport, especially when I watched him fight, although there was always a love-hate thing about it. I loved his talent, but I hated it when they beat him. “

Manny pacquiao decided he wanted to marry Jinkee, but he would do it as a world champion. In December 1998, Pacquiao traveled to Thailand to knock out Chatchai Sasakul and be crowned fly world champion CMB. He returned to the Philippines to ask Jinkee in marriage.

“After my next fight, which was in Thailand, I returned to General Santos in style,” he recalls. Pacquiao. “It was the first time I was behind the wheel of my own car, a second-hand Toyota Corolla. I felt on top of the world, and I felt like I had great success in owning my own car. Y Jinkee and I had fallen in love. On a rainy night, I asked her parents for permission to marry her and they agreed. When I asked her to marry me, she agreed. We got married in 1999 and the next day, I had to go to Manila to train for another fight in Thailand. “

Jinkee remember they didn’t have a honeymoon, well Manny he had to keep fighting in order to keep his boxing career afloat.

“We got married shortly after we met,” recalls Jinkee. “We did not have a honeymoon because the next day Manny He was leaving for Manila to train for a fight and then he was off for Thailand for four weeks. I was very sad. Soon I met him something beyond his quiet attitude, as he was a great joker who was always making jokes to everyone who is close to him. He was also very charming, taking me out to dinner, and bringing food home for my family almost every night. It was obvious that he wanted to please me and make me very happy, and he succeeded ”.

Manny Y Jinkee They did not know it, but they would live together everything that a person can live, and more coming out of poverty. Together they lived through the ups and downs of Manny In his last days in the Philippines, he migrated to the United States to try his luck, and then glory, wealth, and fame.

And they would also live, their most dramatic moment. Manny I was lying in the ring, inert, disconnected with a brutal right hand of Juan Manuel Marquez. Everyone feared the worst, and Jinkee Also, because in agony and tears she struggled to try to get to the ring to see how her husband was, and they would not let her approach. That became the iconic image of Jinkee.

More than those of victories, the images that endure of Jinkee, beside Manny pacquiao, are those of her solidarity with her husband in defeats. In the last fight of Manny pacquiao as a professional, a loss against Yordenis Ugás, Jinkee she stayed by her husband’s side in the harsh hours after the fight. Inflamed, Manny I couldn’t open my eyes, and it was Jinkee who gave him the soup straight into his mouth. Always together, side by side, from the day we Manny pacquiao met Jinkee, his wife, until today.