Wild Card teams for playoffs in the NFC will be ...

Which three teams will qualify for the postseason to accompany the four divisional champions of the National Conference?

The countdown to the end of the regular season in the NFL has taken us to the last three games. This implies that, in these last weeks, we will be living the fight for the survival of several teams.

Last week, we conducted an exercise to project wild card winners in the American Conference.

This time we do the exercise at the Nacional.

The division winners are either already “tied up”, or on the way.

In the Northern Division, Green bay packers, with victory over Baltimore Ravens, assured for the third consecutive year the “bruise division”, as my dear friend Eduardo Varela would say. This title came without much shock. Maybe it’s the year that Aaron Rodgers He has more talent around him in recent seasons.

In the Southern Division, the defeat of the Tampa bay buccaneers in view of New orleans saints this Sunday, he postponed one more week the achievement of that divisional title. There is no doubt, the South sector belongs to them.

In the Eastern Division, the Dallas cowboys and they are one step away from ensuring their division. The ‘Boys are waiting for this Tuesday, Washington to lose its game against the Philadelphia Eagles. If so, those of the “Lone Star” will insure the sector. And you know what? It will happen, sooner or later.

For its part, the Western Division is very open. From the beginning of the season, we knew it would be very close. The Arizona cardinals, to this day, remains at the top, but the surprise defeat to Detroit Lions I send them to fourth place in the Conference. Los Angeles Rams, to win this Tuesday, against the Seattle Seahawks, they will tie Arizona.

My forecast is that Los Angeles is going to end up with the division. The experience of the Rams will end up making a difference while Arizona goes through low hours. At a bad time the Cardinals got this low game. Not even during the three games he missed due to injury Kyler Murray, the team looked so bad. Next week, Arizona will face a tough rival like the Indianapolis Colts. My forecast: the Cards will add their third loss in a row, but they will qualify as wild cards.

Candidates to win the Wildcard ticket

So we already have a wild card, but we need two more to add to the seven teams that are going to go to the playoffs.

From the same Western Division, I propose to the San Francisco 49ers. The Californians have been on a great streak and have achieved resounding victories. Win this Sunday at the Atlanta Falcons it may not have great merit. But, Kyle Shanahan’s pupils have won five of their last six games, so on their own merits they are still in the fight and with enough credit to get the long-awaited postseason ticket.

Jimmy Garropolo has taken a step forward, and together Deebo Samuel Y George kittle, has become an important figure. San Francisco also has a great running game and a solid defense. There is no doubt that “winning in December” they have understood very well.

The last ticket in the wild card position is not very clear. Teams with a losing mark can access that last spot today.

Washington could be, but more casualties from COVID will prevent Philadelphia from winning. In fact, they have one more game to go against the Eagles and a second game against the Cowboys.

The Minnesota Vikings They are, for me, the ones who are going to end up taking that last invitation. The Minneapolis players play this Monday against Chicago Bears and then against Rams and Green Bay. The Packers have already secured the division, so it is very possible that they will seat some starters for that penultimate week of the year with what will be less complicated for the Vikings to take a place in the playoffs.

Only three weeks ahead and the first guests to the party are reserving their spots.