Canelo ganaría fácil un campeonato en peso crucero, asegura Frank Sánchez

The heavyweight boxer, Frank Sanchez, member of Canelo Team, noted that Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez he would easily win a cruiserweight championship.

“Yes, I say yes, easy (I would win Canelo) ”, Expressed Sanchez in interview with IT NEWS. “For his punch and how he has learned to fight Canelo“.

To express question about whether Canelo would have problems facing the current champion of the CMB in cruiser weight, Ilunga Makabu, which is a big boxer, Sanchez said no.

“Yes (it’s big), but (Makabu) is not going to touch it, ”he argued.

Frank Sánchez spoke about what he learned from Canelo Álvarez

Frank Sanchez He also talked about what he has learned from Canelo while staying in the gym with him.

“The feints, the deceptions,” added the Cuban boxer.

He also pointed out that he is very happy to have a lot of activity in the year, having two or three fights.

“I feel happy to be active, and that they have me fighting that makes me very happy,” he said. “In each fight I look much better and learning as always.”

It would help Canelo in his transition to cruiserweight

The Cuban assured that he would like to help the Canelo so that you conquer the division of the cruisers.

“He has learned a lot in boxing, he has his punch and he can endure a lot like the Mexican he is,” he added. Sanchez. “I would be delighted to help him prepare for his fight,” he added in an interview with George Ebro.

“If this fight (with Makabu) is concrete, it would be very good. Canelo, I’ve always said, fight like a heavyweight. I have worked with him frequently as a sparring partner and I think he has a very good chance at cruiserweight, “he said.