Carlos Moyá, also positive for Covid-19

The Spaniard Carlos Moyá, former tennis player and current coach of Rafa Nadal, confirmed this Tuesday that he has tested positive for COVID-19 upon his return to Mallorca, from Abu Dhabi.

“Hello everyone, I wanted to tell you that I have also tested positive for COVID. On Sunday, upon landing in Mallorca and with some symptoms, I tested negative for antigens. A few hours later, when a positive was confirmed in the equipment, I went to do PCR and I tested positive “he explained.

The former tennis player and former captain of the Spanish team in the Davis Cup, claimed to be vaccinated with two doses but that the symptoms “without having to go to the hospital, have been quite strong.” “Fever, headache, sweating, pain throughout the body, chills have been my symptoms. Surely the vaccine has helped not to get worse or have to visit the hospital,” he revealed. “Now I’m pretty much better, I hope the worst is over.”

It should be remembered that the Spaniard Rafa Nadal announced on Monday that he had tested positive when he returned from the Mubadala exhibition tournament in Abu Dhabi.

The now coach of the Manacor tennis player, took the opportunity to ask for caution at this time: “Be careful on these dates, do not trust only the result of antigens if it is negative, nor that the symptoms are mild, in my case it has not It has been like this and many of those I know the same. If I did not know what I have, it would be like the usual flu. I will inform you “.